Age :40
Group: News Writer
Location: New York City
new one = ripped
DreamHack  /  12 Jun 2009, 15:08
DHS 2009, waiting for my plane
I'm at work putting in half a day (what else am I going to do? It is raining/fogged in NYC and all my stuff is packed in my backpack) while the very first people are already trickling into the LAN halfway across the world, which will officially begin powering up in about an hour or so. Finnish quake duo Medar and LuGia are already on location, and dronar is setting up QTV and other goodies to facilitate the tournament.

The groups actually begin about 23 hours from now. I have to wait 7 hours before my flying autobus takes off from the greater New York City metropolitan area, and another 7 hours before it touches down in Arlanda (where it is raining just as much, I hear). Then there's the good old express to Sthlm C where the Druidzmobile awaits (thanks LocKtar!) ... 2-3 hours later we are on the venue and just in time
2009-06-12, 15:53
ses på lan!
2009-06-12, 16:09
hey phil, nice that you're going again. now that's what i call dedication.
will you be doing some blogging, commentary and/or interviews again?
2009-06-12, 17:57
of course he will!!
2009-06-13, 02:02
nice going phil! too bad i cant come this time but cu @ qhlan
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