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Tournaments  /  29 May 2009, 15:04
Dreamhack Summer 2009 prelude
A new dreamhack is upon us, and they are hosting yet another aweXXXome quakeworld tournament! I decided to go this time (I didn't go a number times in the past) too. I usually don't start the bla-la-la until the first day of a LAN, but it is friday and I want to write some stuff about it
The 16 slots for the tournament are full, and here are my predictions for the victorious and the defeated. (But don't cancel the tourney just yet, I have known to be wrong in the past so let them play it out)

(note: I forgot that mekkanix is really div0-player nabbe, so that totally makes all these predictions wrong before the LAN even started. Nabbe you fuckface!)

1. ParadokS
2. locust
3. LocKtar

The top 3 are pretty solid in my view. ParadokS has the most duel experience and less fear of any of the competitors. In the past he was known as the one map DM6 wonder, but now he is solid on the other maps as well. LocKtar of course is the DM2 wonder, and locust is the DM4 wonder, but these players are now all excellent on all the maps. However, ParadokS already has beaten LocKtar in the finals of the inaugural dreamhack qw duel tournament some years ago, and locust has been doing very well at LANs as well, so I think LocKtar will crack under pressure but will have no problem making 3rd spot... Prove me wrong!

4. Medar
5-6. XantoM
5-6. bps

The next trinity is also solid in my mind. Medar has been extremely active. At first I thought he would be more in the 7-8th place territory, but I think he can pull an upset and defeat someone of XantoM/bps caliber. If you wanted to make a 4on4 dream-team, XantoM would be in the starting line-up, but I have not seen him in a duel tournament so this will be interesting... Bps was a rising star like Medar is now, but bps has relaxed a little bit recently. Prove me wrong!

7-8. Lakso
7-8. Åke Vader
7-8. LuGia

Yes, there is only 2 spots for 7-8, but it will be two of these 3 guys... Lakso is a solid 4on4 player, and he can duel also. He actually handed LocKtar a loss on DM6 recently! Ake Vader is probably out of shape, but the last time I saw him on LAN he was fearless! LuGia is a promode superstar and he is the only brave warrior contesting both QW and Q3 tournaments at the LAN, it will be cool to meet him, and if he trains QW before the LAN he can make 7-8. Want to make a better spot LuGia? Prove me wrong!

9-16. Hagge
9-16. RIOSAT1Y
9-16. fil (Phil)
9-16. Zalon
9-16. Tempest
9-16. mekkanix
9-16. zappater

And here is the rest of the rabble. Don't be deceived, all of these are respected QW players (except myself) but they field is deep here and the top 8 will most likely be too much to handle for the bottom 8. Of course, to win the tournament you have to beat the best, so maybe we will see an upset from someone in this group? Prove me wrong!

In the end, the QW lan will be June 13th-14th, but the DreamHack Lan is from 13th to 16th I believe, and it is the biggest LAN in the world and there is so much to do there than just play QW.

I may release a hot duel map for QW at the LAN. I may also hold an armwrestling contest between the QW scene and the Q3 scene. I may even get some interviews (and will try to stay sapient this time) and definitely there will be pics (or it didn't happen.)

Stay tuned!
2009-05-29, 15:19
Nabbe as 9-16?
2009-05-29, 15:28
You're seriously underestimating mekkanix (aka nabbe), even though he only seems to surface for these LAN events; 2nd place in the QHLAN 11 duel competition ahead of such names as the mighty Mawe, Locust, Paradoks and BPS.

You're also talking down the pracmachine Locktar, who has already defeated Paradoks in the 3rd/4th place playoff of this year's QHLAN. It's certainly no walkover for any of the top 3, but Locktar is definitely my favourite for the win.

Also, in my experience, Lugia is ... undeveloped as a qw duellist, and there are plenty of names in the 9-16 segment that should see him off.
2009-05-29, 15:30
He didn't know about the Nabbe thing, and regarding LocKtar vs Paradoks at QHLAN, David just had an off day, he lost 3-2 to mutilator after being ahead 2-0! :/
2009-05-29, 15:45
Can't really say I agree with that much of your predictions Phil and therefor I will have to present my own list:

1. LocKtar
2. ParadokS
3. locust
4. bps
5. mekkanix
6. lakso
7. XantoM
8. Hagge
9. Medar
10. Åke Vader
12. fil (Phil)
13. LuGia
14. Zalon
15. zappater
16. Tempest

Not sure how active LocKtar has been lately, but if there is a lan and a chance to win some money, then he will be in topshape, and probably even win the whole thing. The next couple of spots are harder to predict. Players like ParadokS, nabbe and locust haven't been too active lately (or have they?), but they sure will be up there in the top. Bps and Lakso are still quite new when it comes to duelling, but they have made great improvements lately, and could upset anyone in this tourney. Xantom feels hard to predict because he hasn't played much duel, but being such a great 4on4 player a spot in the quarterfinals should be 4sure. I'm probably quite even with Medar and Åke Vader, and we all will have to fight for the last spot in the quarterfinal.

The rest will have a hard time winning any games, but it will be interesting seeing what a cpm player like LuGia can do. I don't expect him to do that much damage though, since he hasn't played much qw? And I put Tempest last of all since nobody seems to know who he is, and therefor it's pointless to predict his performance.

Anyway, see you all at the lan <3
2009-05-29, 16:14
Hagge above Medar?
-You've been fake praccing?
2009-05-29, 16:18
I've been playing even games with Medar when I've been out of shape and I count on beating him at dh
2009-05-29, 16:46
lol medar will beat hagge lefthanded!
2009-05-29, 17:33
=8-[===] let the drama begin!
2009-05-29, 18:04
when I played him I won dm2 ez, medar won aero ez and then I won dm4 and lost dm6 with only 2 frags :E
2009-05-29, 18:29
I was a bit afraid this would be become a dissapointing tournament, but looking at the names it's still very good!
I say this is the tournament for Lockie to win, this is his moment of fame!
Nothing against any other player there, but I really hope he takes it home.
Locust on dm4 and aero is just fearsome, but im not sure about his other map performances.
Para.. well no idea what he's up too. I dont think he still has that focus to win this tournament, but Lockie has the same problem usually. Anyways he could take on anyone.
Nabbe.. another one of those players I find so hard to predict. Don't see him playing online at all, probably faking or something. But when he shows up he's always good for the 2nd-4th spots.. so that's where he will end
2009-05-29, 20:39
1. Tempest
2. locust
2009-05-30, 00:17
Just to bring you some drama:
2009-05-30, 08:04
2009-05-30, 09:11
This is what will happen:

1. ParadokS
The only thing that wouldn't make him a favourite is his current shape. Paradoks hates losing and doesn't hesitate when it comes to doing "everything" (i.e. camping mega on DM4 for nine and a half minutes) to win, and that is an important factor in any tournament.

2. locust
From the start i had Locktar before Locust in this list, but after checking his last games on i noticed he has beaten for example Reppie on both DM4 and Aerowalk the last couple of weeks.

3. LocKtar
Favoured by many, but this time the competition will be too strong for my fellow swede. Way too used to losing against Paradoks for example, and Locust's favoured maps suits him bad i'd say. With a little less bjud than usual he should be competing for the title though.

4. mekkanix (Nabbe)
Nabbe has always been a sneaky motherf***** and should be able to get past the names listed below him. Probably has nerves of steel and pulls of those annoying CS moves that will make other players frustrated.

5. Åke Vader
While this highly reputable player isn't as fond of 1on1 as many other competitors, the atmosphere and tension around a LAN tournament makes it about a thousand times more inspiring than competing online. After a week of "stenhård press" a surprising fifth place finish will be the result.

6. bps
Rising star for the last two or three years now, but doesn't seem as hungry for the QW fame and glory anymore? Seems to favour aerowalk/dm4 just like many others in the tournament. With some bra bjud, he could certainly go further than a 6th place though.

7. lakso
This is a player that i haven't really got a "feel" for yet, what he is capable of. When spectating 4on4 games, his pov use to be entertaining with fluid movement and that combined with presumably a lot of 1on1 press makes a 7th place seem like a good guess.

8. Medar
The finnish aerowalker hasn't come all the way from sauna land just to get beaten by Hagge! Seems to be pretty even with Xantom below after looking at results from recent games.

9. XantoM
With some more 1on1 practice this is a player who could be up there, competing for the top five spots. It's a player with solid movement on 4on4 maps, while he seems a bit "lost" in 1on1. I don't think the 1on1 bootcamping will happen and he will be ending up in 6th-10th place.

10. Hagge
Hagge, what should i say...? The "Jonny Rödlund" of QW. Will this be his big break-through on his road to fame and glory?

12. fil (Phil)
13. LuGia
14. Zalon
15. zappater
16. Tempest

The skill of the last six players are a bit too unknown to me (and i'm getting tired and have laundry to take care of) so i'll go for Hagge's predictions.
2009-05-30, 15:04
re: Ake, I think nabbe can win this. I would have put him as my top choice for #1 if I remembered his fakenick, and now I can't be assed to change all that blalala that I already wrote
2009-05-30, 20:09
phil you are a lazy motherfucker 4sure
2009-06-01, 01:42
2009-06-01, 05:44
fleppie /o/ \o/ \o\ I will win for you! x]
2009-06-01, 15:48
LocKtar will take it, his aero improved a lot
2009-06-02, 12:16
1: locktar
2: nabbe
3: locust
4: paradoks
5: bps
6: lakso

but ofc druidz on 1,2,3 is possible! go for it!
2009-06-02, 17:21
is Para gonna have to school a noob?
2009-06-02, 18:47
what do you mean? is he going to have to school himself?
2009-06-03, 05:24
i think Hagge will win, given that all other players will get sick and stay @ home
2009-06-09, 03:58
no i meant it literally, Hagge. will Paradoks have to open a school for quakeworld newbies in order to keep quakeworld alive.
2009-06-11, 17:02
yo phil make sure to vid-interview much as fuck, could be interesting to interview q3 players/qw players about the different games, many qw players hates q3 and vice versa, apart from that vid-interviews are always great fun to watch

1: LocKtar

Well, as an old real life buddy of mine and an awesome quaker I gotta put him first on the list :-) Haven't played THAT well lately, but if I know him right he's gonna pump alot of QW instead of weighs at the gym to get in perfect shape for the tourney, like people mentioned - there's money to be won! Go locketoppen!

2: Locust

Been playing alot lately from what I've seen (apart from owning me 50-0, that is...) and has been looking real strong to me. Great speed and lovely to watch, just like LocKtar. Probably hot enough for the second place (if not even the first...)

3: ParadokS

All a matter of day-shape, I guess. But as people mentioned, could get some free frags on the DM4 and stay in mega for the rest of the game and win it. Who knows? I think he gets the third place, either way. LocKtar wouldn't lose dm2/dm4 under the tournament conditions, so thats two maps for LocKtar, dm6 to ParadokS of course but I don't think ParadokS will get them kenyas. ParadokS or locust as second? Two completely different playing styles... could be interesting to see :-) I think locust shape is slightly better though.

4: bps

Well, this is more what I'd want than what I predict. Bps has such a cold playing style which is awesome to watch (if you ask me), I could sit for hours just spectating bps. Everything from nice tricks, faking or tricking the enemy in an awesome way to making a completely stupid quadbore that you can spend 10 minutes laughing at just because it looked so damn fun. SJUK UNDERHÅLLNING! I hope he gets the 4th spot. Sorry to nabbe/lakso and so on.

The rest is for the time to tell! :-)!
2009-06-11, 21:43
uhm, another thing, how do i write in my own blog...? cant seem to find it
2009-06-12, 11:26
If you take a step back and look at the quake-series, the difference in game play between the titles is really small. Imo the difference between dota and wc3 is bigger than between qw and q4.

What a pro-cricket player has to say about baseball/softball or the other way around is really not interesting. If he spent equal amount of time in the different games it might be worth something tho.

the qw vs q# thing is just silly. Most people that say stuff like that have usually only played one game at a high level.
2009-06-12, 11:40
Andeh: unfortunately your blog access has to be "enabled" by an admin. If you would have blogging rights, then you should've seen an "Add article" link above this very blog post (for example).

Try asking in the feedback forum about blogging rights or privmsg some admin. (I'm an admin, but iirc the change has to be done via the database, grr)
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