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Software  /  31 Mar 2009, 23:08
Fakenicks revealed
Most of you already know the sub-site - system that monitors QuakeWorld servers and gathers match results, builds statistics, and so on.

After our team has finished this project and there wasn't much else to do with it, except small fixes from time to time, we decided to do another big favour for the community.
We noticed there are quite many people who are concerned about so-called "fakenicking", that is, a situation when a certain player uses new made-up nickname in the game. Lots of players don't like that their opponent hides his identity in this way and would like to know who they are actually facing.

Therefore we have extended the functionality of our scanner so that now it not only gathers the scores, but also IP addresses and client info for each nick. This allows us to connect certain nick together by grouping nicks by IP address and certain user info data provided by the clients.

For two months we have been building a large database of associated nicknames and we are ready to release it very soon.

This means that soon you will be able to see which div1 players tend to use which fakenicks. But we had come even further!

Combining stats features together with this new system, you will soon be able to check the most epic loses of div0/1 players against average or even below-average players according to the site ranking! When we first saw the entries, we couldn't believe how some commonly recognized top-players lose terribly on certain maps basically to every random player they meet on the server!

Another great discovery was all the star-matches that you don't get to see otherwise. Many times it happened that two div0/1 players used a newbie-looking fakenick and played each other, not knowing who the opponent actually was. And you would be surprised which players got literally raped on maps where they most probably expected just another easy win.

Because we know where this games were played we are now finishing a compilation of demos of the most tragic games ever seen.
Stay tuned!
2009-04-01, 01:21
haha, drama!
2009-04-01, 02:49
april fools.
2009-04-01, 06:49
7 years ago this was no joke.
2009-04-01, 08:05
7 years? exposure ran from 2003 to 2005, and We've tried to recreate something like it since.

The problem with the exposure site was that it was based on having access to the server logs, and at the time we hosted the BBB servers. But a setup like that is not possible today, as the servers are spread between numerous admins.

The bad thing about getting this back is that the qw scene will decline in size, as half of the people playing is fakers :/
2009-04-01, 08:19
-> Gonna go and dig a grave for all my 10 alteregos
2009-04-01, 10:27
I love the stats page, but unfortunately it doesn't work properly.. it adds a lot of extra time when you play ffa for some reason is this gonna be fixed?
2009-04-01, 10:35
zalon wrote:
But a setup like that is not possible today, as the servers are spread between numerous admins.

Forgotten that there's someone with access to five servers (out of which 3 are rather big, check the stats page again) and logs from the beginning, logsizes totalling around a gigabyte of information. Exposure2 is here, and you damn fakers will get what you deserve.
2009-04-01, 10:53
Renzo wrote:
Forgotten that there's someone with access to five servers

Yeah, but you seemed to not want to give out the log files
2009-04-01, 11:02
When busting ego-shielding fakers, nothing is reason enough to not give the logs. This way we get the best laughs when seeing some div0 losing to div4 and also losing his ego-shield.
2009-04-01, 11:21
heh, nice one
2009-04-01, 15:05
Hagge wrote:
love the stats page, but unfortunately it doesn't work properly.. it adds a lot of extra time when you play ffa for some reason is this gonna be fixed?

Will defo fix this soon. There is a rounding error in the ffa bot and it gives incorrect match times screwing up the stats. Heopfully can get some time to fix soon.
2009-04-01, 17:52
hagge, you can in the future report bugs in the forum thred!
2009-04-01, 17:53
ps. nice one johnny!!
2009-04-01, 18:44
Couldn't KTX be made to report IPs and nicks to an exposure server?
2009-04-01, 20:48
It could, but that was what Renzo didn't want to do, eg. send/receive info from some random server.
2009-04-01, 21:58
It's more like matter of what's legally and morally wrong and not what Renzo wants
2009-04-01, 23:11
I can't see what should be illegal about it
2009-04-02, 00:26
Depending on the country, there can be laws that won't allow publishing or revealing ip-addresses to a third party because it's comparable to telecommunications confidence.

On that note, regarding KTX (or actually MVDSV) sending this information is way too much to ask regarding privacy issues since it's easily exploitable. Not to mention it could be against the law unless the one running exposure is the same one running the server the data is being sent from. Even if "exposure" only showed nicks used by the same ip-address and not publishing the particular ip-address.

And finally as a serverside feature, no way. I don't really want to have server sending information (whatever that might be) to anywhere since it's not the function server is designed for. Server should accept incoming connections, not send particular information to somewhere else (excluding heartbeats).
2009-04-02, 10:41
Isn't jokes supposed to be fun, and not horribly sad when they aren't true? :/
2009-04-02, 13:02
What made you so sad fog? :'(
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