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Tournaments  /  14 Jan 2009, 20:56
Quake Nations Cup
Few notes about the nations cup I'll admin this year.

BTW if you've missed my last blog post summing up all the good and evil in qw year 2008, you can read it here ;-)
There a few main issues on my mind at the moment regarding QNC:

1. Captains - Who will choose them?
Plan A) is to publicly select a distinguished person from each country to announce the name of the captain for his country. This is what I've first considered. Because this year there can be only one team per nation, choosing the right people to the team is really necessary.

What I'd like to believe though is that the QW scenes in every country are organized enough to come together and resolve this issue by themselves. I think it'd throw a bit unpretty light on QW if it would be necessary to resolve this issue by some 3rd-party authority.

So unless I'm proven wrong in my beliefs, QWNC 2009 will wait for signups to arrive and only if there are more than one signup for some nation, it will be resolved individually. I hope this scenario will not happen.

2. Co-admin help
This is what I am considering at the moment. I have no "site system" (and there won't be any, just mostly static pages, except for generated match reports with statistics) and it looks like I'm going to administer it all by myself this time. Previous year guys from czech QW scene helped me.
I'll hope that I'll handle it all now by myself as there are more things under my control now and I've layed more duties on the captains on the teams.

A question closely related to this is - will the captains and teams adhere to the strict rules?

3. The Spirit
The QWNC is one the most solemn tournaments, it's an equivalent to world cups and similar in real sports. I think everyone should realize that this factor and the other factor that the whole event gets publicized largely - as it is merged even for all Quake series - will reveal what is QW to lots of new people. It is a show case for QW.

Players should be proud they have been selected to represent their country and paying 1-2 hours to this once per week to play their beloved game is not so high requirement.

I take this all into account when I'm asking the teams to be ready every sunday 19:00 - 21:00 CET in the rules and also when I want them to have proper colors set. First rule is strict and the second one may sound kind of weird to some of you.
But after reading my thoughts here you should understand that this is part of the "representation spirit" that should be present all around this event.

I hope this makes sense to most of you and helps you understand what are the reasons for the way how QWNC 2009 will be organized.
2009-01-14, 23:51
this is exciting news, this tourney really is something special. good luck with the teambuilding let's hope for a good number of solid teams. let's see how many qw nations are left.
2009-01-15, 00:53
The last one was a bit messy; Looks like you're going about it the right way this time!

We should try to encourage all the minor qw countries to participate too. Make a real tournament out of it!
2009-01-15, 00:59
Oh, one more thing. I wouldn't recommend trying to run this tournament completely on your own if there are going to be lots of games played simultaneously on Sunday evening. You can't be in 4 places at once. Definitely get some kind of help with "refereeing" and whipping teams on to servers.
2009-01-15, 15:24
Stev, so will we see Ireland participating? =)

Feels like a potential Finland team would consist only of players from tvs, a russian team of players from 3b and then Sweden as a mix of sd and drz, if players from la/fom and other prominent clans choose not to play. Will be interesting to see what team the Netherlands will be able to put together. Reppie, Murdoc, Mja and Skillah are still active? But what about players like Dragon and Purity?

Either way, it sure will be fun Looking forward to this tourney!
2009-01-15, 15:29
kenya will have the best lineup, as usual
2009-01-15, 15:56
oh those kenyans. always with the mapwhine
2009-01-15, 18:59
Good luck m8! You are right about representing your country - it is not only a massive honour, but also a huge responsiblity. Just bc this is an online game without a big community doesn't make it less important - QW is much better than football!
2009-01-16, 06:54
"Stev, so will we see Ireland participating? =)". That is the plan!

Is there a quakenet channel for this?
2009-01-25, 17:04
I vote for Spoink for president! \o/
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