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Misc  /  1 Jan 2009, 18:21
My QuakeWorld year 2008
A bit late, but like ruskie did I decided to write some notes for the fragged year 2008. And I'll follow his style of "the best things" but I'll also add "the worst things", because there are always mistakes one should learn from.

Note: sorry for all the typos, this is not front-page stuff
Things that went well:
1. Development, coding.
This is what I probably enjoy the most in QuakeWorld. I like working with other people on ezQuake code, I'm glad we got new developers in ezQuake this year, again, I like the success of QTV, I like chatting with other developers about their work, I like doing my own smaller projects. Some of them you might have noticed - like the ping database, but there has been some more and some are still waiting to be published. It's rather a secret yet, because, yeah, there's going to be something big revealed in like a month or two :-)

2. Dreamhack
QuakeWorld tournament with cash in rewards after a long long time. And I'd say with quite nice cash rewards! A disappointment was that not all spots got filled though. I still don't know the reasons why this happened so while being in my "the best" list for 2008, it's also automatically in "the worst" list for 2008.

3. Lots of people signed up for QHLAN12
This means there's again to be something to watch, can't wait really even as a non-attendee. Bring it on!

4. Phil's tournaments
Phil gets the biggest *thumbs up* for running so many tournaments and investing so much of his time into this.

I needed to think twice if I'll put QWDL on this list. I finally enjoyed a duel tournament that didn't went "soon lose in WB, soon lose in LB and bye bye" (see below). And many more people got their chance to experience this too. Maybe this format wasn't best for "the div0 people", but for the rest of us (the majority of QW players) this is the best format. Finally someone didn't want to be so much "div0 centric".
But the end. The end so much disappointed me :-( It was like someone broke a big promise and that's something that always hurts a lot.

Things that I didn't like
1. Same site, same people, same schema, same rules, same EQL
There are many things I could say about this QuakeWorld league. I've said most of them personally to one of the members of their team and I'm not going to bring it up here as they promised to consider all of those.

But one thing really needs to be said out loud: IT'S TIME FOR SOME CHANGE
We see the same site, same rules, same coverage, same everything used every season.
- There shouldn't be a poll "Do you want to have strict match schedules?", this system should be tried out for at least one season, WITHOUT ASKING ANYONE ANYMORE.
- There were no stats. Why? Am I the only one who likes to know more about the matches than which team did how many frags?
I even did a PHP script that reads stats from logs and generates HTML pages from it, it was used in NQR (thanks to Soma who even didn't know much about PHP but after a short chat on IRC with he was able to set it all up). The script is available on with examples, how to incorporate it, how to print it's output, it's opensource. What can I do more?!
It's so much more interesting to watch the matches if you have some idea from the stats about who is good at what. For example votary is my favourite boomstick aimer ;-)
- Why there isn't a better tool to arrange matches? Some people are professional IRC idlers, but some other are not. Trying to reach other team on IRC and make schedule the date with them can get REALLY frustrating - I've been there - as clan member who was doing this for his clan and also as Nations Cup admin who was doing this usually for both the teams instead of them doing it themselves.
Why isn't there some internal message system in the site that would allow teams suggest match schedules easily. That way even admins would be able to see quickly who is responsible for the match not getting played before deadline.
AFAIK it's used in clanbase and it works there ok.

2. Tournament sites
The comunity consists of IRC and the Web. If the site of the tournament sucks, the tournament itself partially sucks too. If you can't browse the history of the tournament, if the names of the winners don't flash on you on the first site, there's clearly something missing.
There were people who wanted to code an easy system for group-based tournaments in QW, but that didn't happen. I don't blame anyone in particular, it's just that it disappointed me.
At least we have phpTourney (credits to eb) so it's possible to run single/double elimination tournaments.
But this format is not everything.
When I started with QW I played so much group-based tournaments and that was the thing that made me more interested about QW.

Because what can most of you say about your "qw career"? Yeah, div0 people can say "I was in grandfinal of XYZ tournament", but the average person can say "well I lost my first match in WB and later also match in LB, it was ggs, eh?".

3. didn't change
There's a great potential in QW to create communities of people, we've seen that so many times. I am still hoping that will serve as the place which creates communities, which helps people create communities, help them cooperate, help people find other people, help get things organized.
Zalon, I am still waiting ;-) But I'm checking the clock more and more often...
2009-01-02, 03:55
excellent as usual. i agree, as usual
i got a plane to catch, cya
2009-01-02, 12:07
"there's going to be something big revealed in like a month or two :-)"
<- looking forward to this! nice read there johnny
2009-01-08, 22:50
btw, saying that didnt change is kinda unfair, maybe the site didn't change... But imho the coverage did change to the better than previous years. With live streaming, video interviews, dreamhack coverage, commentary packs. The site is up for 2009
2009-01-08, 22:52
Yes, the coverage was great, much more than I'd expect as "standard" in lots of occasions. *thumbs up* on that.
2009-01-10, 00:44
Pity this post didnt get any more respones. Fair play for all your efforts during the year JohnNy_cz. ggs
2009-01-15, 18:56
I've said it before, but on my part I am sorry about the end of QWDL season 1. Real Life sux for QW I have been pondering ways that it can be improved (other than quitting work ;-)) hopefully other people have too.
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