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LANs  /  14 Sep 2008, 19:09
Czech Quake Lanparty Trnavka 2008
Previous weekend I've attended Czech Lanparty Trnavka 2008. There were about 60 players participating in Quake 3 4on4 tournament, 14 players in QuakeWorld duel tournament and about 8 players competing in Quake 4 duel tournament. It was ggs A few notes follow...
Our car driven by BLOW^Jen4 wiki was able to carry five players with all their stuff (PCs, monitors, spare pairs of socks, etc) pretty comfortably, I think there aren't many cars that could handle all this (including cuky's wiki gigantic CRT and itmik's wiki gigantic LCD).

Around 15:00 we leave Prague with about 200 km ahead on our road. With some minor troubles on the road we finally arrive to Trnavka, small village with one house of culture in which this event was held. About half of the signed-up people are already here so we don't hesitate and we start unpacking our stuff, itmik sets up the QW server, rest of the day was supposed to be spend in the pub. However the beer kinda didn't taste too good (I'll avoid Litovel for the rest of my life I think) + the rest of the QW squad - Flamer, itmik and jebak stay always alcohol free so I return back to the LAN area with them and spend the evening + nigth playing random duels, 2on2 and if I remember correctly even some funny 4on4.

Sleeping during friday night wasn't too good as some people managed to get as drunk as they usually do (a lot) and were caused disturbance through out the whole night.

On Saturday I started organizing the duel tournament, some of the 14 signed up people also participated in Q3 and Q4 so to keep with the schedule was kinda hard. Thanks goes to jebak who took the job of co-admining the tournament with me really good and helped me a lot.

First games were played around midday, most of the games after the delicious dinner. Later we figured out that on sunday there won't be too much time to play so we were in a little hurry and used the system: base groups (5+5+4) -> base groups (4+4) -> 2 playoff matches -> match for 1st and 3rd place.

We also played a star match Drastic Collision wiki vs. the legendary NecroRaisers wiki, that is cuky, itmik, jebak, JohnNy_cz vs. Flamer, Reset, Kain, Marty. After the first map it was rather clear it makes no sense to play more games like this, even though jebak was very eager to play much more .

Moris played some poker games, many people on the LAN admired itmik's large Dell LCD while he was playing Serious Sam 2 or Gridwars on it. Because he was sitting next to me, to relax a bit in QW pauses I just sat and watched his big colourful hypnotizing screen and got that "trip feeling" even without weed or other brain damaging shit I could smell coming from outside of the building

Saturday night was nice and quiet, I managed to find a bit cleaner and quieter place for sleeping.

Sunday there were to be played matches jebak vs. JohnNy_cz and Flamer vs. Jen4. Results were 3:0 in both cases and the winners met in a match for the 1st place (Flamer vs. JohnNy_cz), losers in a match for the 3rd place (jebak vs. Jen4). I was in quite good relaxed mood, adrenalin level during the matches just accurate, yet I managed to do silly mistakes in first map, dm6 against Flamer. What followed though was ztndm3 where I didn't hesitate to exploit respawn-frag potential of this map to the fullest. On dm4 I got better first spawn and didn't let Flamer get in advantage for the first minutes, later he kinda gave up. Following map was dm2 and in the pre-game chat I told in a joke to Flamer that I'm going to camp hard here. Maybe this and other disturbing factors on the LAN event (sounds from the big screen, jebak blabbering close to him...) caused Flamer to write "ggs" quite soon in this map so the result was decided there.

Jebak won over Jen4 3:0 with some larger frag margin, and after that match we started to pack our stuff. There was time for some interview for the cam and also to receive cups for first three places in QW, Q3 and Q4. Q3 was won way2ez by legendary clan Satan's Proxies, Q4 by the best czech Q3 player (!) krysa (who also played with Satan's Proxies in Q3).

This LAN was nice & smooth.
2008-09-14, 21:37
sounds like you had a lot of fun, apart from sleeping
congrats on your win
2008-09-14, 22:13
2008-09-15, 13:26
should have made krysa play qw
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