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TV  /  24 Aug 2008, 21:15
How to stay Quake-tuned
Do you want to make sure that you don't miss any important QuakeWorld match, but don't want to watch QuakeTV page regularly, nor check IRC spams all day? What about a small tool that silently runs on background and only gives you a message box once there's a crowded match with lots of spectators going on?
The main developer of KTPro wiki, rxr wiki himself was seen online today and he contributed a little tool that does just that.

You can download it here, enjoy!
2008-08-24, 21:50
rxr is my hero

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2008-08-24, 22:00
rxr doing qw stuff, wtf.... it's not 2003 anymore
2008-08-24, 23:20
2008-08-24, 23:32
I have a great name for this software:
Nerd Alarm!

and it should shout exactly those 2 words on your speakers whenever there's a game on. :/

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2008-08-25, 08:16
Also i was wonder what license is QTV Lookup under? Afaik when none is specified it's public domain. No source is given so i presume it's no license in the 'open' manner? creative commons GPL bsd for e.x?

Edited by ruskie on 25 Aug 08 @ 09:17CET
2008-08-25, 11:24
Cool idea. Mac version?
2008-08-25, 11:24
Btw why is this a blog entry and not a news item?
2008-08-25, 14:16
there will be one bigger news item with more "tools" in it (vloody working on it 24/7 etc)

Edited by JohnNy_cz on 25 Aug 08 @ 15:17CET
2008-08-25, 14:31
oh it's up to me to do it?
good to know... :/
2008-08-25, 18:52
great, great stuff, but don't add too much stuff, make it lightweight as it is now
2008-08-26, 11:51
ruskie: Nope, that is a common misconception that something is Public Domain, when there is no license given. "Normal" copyright standards apply, i.e. the author has all exclusive rights. To avoid such insecurities, one can only recommend to choose a proper license for your releases. I, personally, prefer MIT or Apache licenses.

See also:
2009-02-18, 14:23
it's nice! gonna try it for a while to see if I get stuck
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