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Games  /  17 Mar 2008, 22:27
Game being successful in eSports
So many times I wanted to write something on this blog about what QuakeWorld is missing right now, but here he is, making QuakeWorld players upset, making Quake 3 players even more upset. But what toxjq said in the interview should be written in the stone. I have no big stone here at the moment so I'll use my blog instead.
So you think in order for a game to be successful in eSports on a long term it needs to be relatively easy to learn and not to hard to master?

I think there should be a better system to you play online, so the players that are new in the game only face opponents in the same skill range, I believe a system like battlenet used with rankings could be a good thing in fps games. But if we want eSports to be professional, there has to be a huge difference between pros and amateurs. But the reason why we don't go forward with fps gaming is, there need to be a lot more players in the community, so more stars will be born. It takes a long time to reach such a level and most players give up before they get there.

2008-03-17, 22:56
battlene 4 the win?

cant this be done then?

people loggin into a database inside of ezQ and, and the database can be the "ladder".

What occurs after that is pretty easy, people play with their own ranks and can setup "I wanna play vs Superb/Verygood/good/bad/rookie" or something.

Might be the same thing as battlenet but both ingame and http ?
2008-03-17, 22:57
just brainstorming, dunno really if its worth?
2008-03-18, 05:53
if it wasnt for the ping/server issue, this could be done. But it wouldnt be easy (as it takes quite some time to implement a system like wc3-bnet).
2008-03-18, 08:12
I don't think this is the best answer I read for that kind of question and furthermore I don't think you can put something on QW. The size of the community prohibits that really.
2008-03-18, 13:10
Sound nice idea anyway.
2008-03-18, 14:44
RaptoR: Your attitude perfectly shows the problem imho (sorry, hehe). If you think that qw = the current community, it will always stay like that. You will always have only the same people playing it.
You need to realize there are tons of players ready to try and install QuakeWorld and play it with each other on the rookie level. The current community doesn't have much in common with that.

Ping/server is not a problem.
2008-03-18, 15:57
Johnny the server is a problem. (I know you said before that you are looking into this without considering the server/ping issue)

Player A press 'get me a duel with equally skilled oppnent'-button. The client displays 'now waiting for opponent'. Player B also press this button. Where should the game take place? On any empty internet server? no, someone might join before both player-A and player-B manages to connect (even if automatic /connect is issued when game is found).

A solution for this ...

When the matchmaking system paired 2 or more players that should play each other, it launches a qw-server-session on a temporary port and forces all clients to connect to this server. using a given password. It might perhaps already have a pool of server-sessions up running, and would just change the password for them. The server-sessions might not even have to be on the same physical server but might be spread out across europe/the world.
2008-03-18, 16:10
Willgurht: presuming the system itself isn't choosing conflicting servers, then if some player joins the server within the 5 seconds, it's really a rare and minor problem (system chooses the server, checks if it is still empty, sends ip to clients, they auto-connect .. can't take longer than 5 seconds really)

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2008-03-19, 06:53
What if this service would be web-based? You go to the "battlenet"-site, login with your user/pass, click "Play now" and it will do the internal matching process itself, wait for an opponent and then launch your client with +connect serverip
Hard to think how it would retrieve the data of "how well" you play though, maybe it can scan the server until the game is over and register the results?
2008-03-19, 16:09
web based integration for QW = epic win
people just don't like sitting in the game, waiting and waiting

a web lobby with multiple game rooms (rookies, 4on4, 2on2, tricking, whatever etc.) would be cool.. each user should have a flag, a status (afk, spectating game X, available) and some other info. then you could challenge available players or if you see multiple people spectating the same game you'd hop in to spectate yourself since it will most likely be a quality match

Quake Live allows Quake3 to be played in browser or you can go fullscreen from there (it is not flash based, it is the real game wired into a plugin/ocx control of some sort).. if QW could be plugged in a browser it would be the biggest step into achieving easier matchmaking
2008-03-25, 14:41
how this would be implemented in detail isn't so important imo. it's a very important idea and would be a big step forward. even if you just take irc-idlers as the playerbase and create a bot or "room" for some match-making system, it could work really well.
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