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The Try Hard DM'ers were a team formed by Team Fortress players who wanted to play Team Deathmatch in Challenge Smackdown.


THDM was formed in 2001 for entry into the Australian division of Challenge Smackdown Season 2 by a group of TF players. They exceeded their own expectations in this season, having a number of close games and winning more than expected. Encouraged by this, they entered again in season 3. Spice defected from Fallen Angels (who had won the previous 2 smackdowns), and mercury was added to the roster. With the addition of these two players and more experience under their belt, THDM defeated FA in the final of Smackdown 3.

Season 4 saw spice return to FA, and THDM were knocked out of the competition by the Outta Town All Stars in the semi-finals. In season 5, bm joined the team, and this time they defeated List of the Twisted in the grand final to win Smackdown 5.

Following Smackdown, THDM participated in various competitions in Australia before gradually fading away in around 2005 due to the intervention of real life and other games.




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