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A popular mod in which players first select a class from a list and play in teams to gain the most points. Vanilla TF is still played by diehard fans. Many moved on to MegaTF, and from there to Custom Team Fortress, which is still played today.


There are 9 classes to choose from. Each class has a unique array of weapons, ammo/armour capabilities and running speeds.

  • 1. Scout
  • 2. Sniper
  • 3. Soldier
  • 4. Demolitions Man
  • 5. Medic
  • 6. Heavy Weapons Guy
  • 7. Pyro Maniac
  • 8. Spy
  • 9. Engineer


Teamplay is consistant in all Team Fortress maps. However, basic gameplay is decided by the map maker. In Two Forts, for example, capture the flag is played. Two teams compete against each other for flag captures. In Border, however, there are three teams - Mexicans, Border Patrol and MIB. The Mexicans must board a truck and successfully make it to the tunnel into America, Border Patrol must kill the Mexicans, and MIB must help the Mexicans. Some maps, like Engineer's Battle, prohibit the player from playing any class besides Engineer.


How to Play

  • 2. Find a TF server on your favourite server browser (with All Seeing Eye, for example).


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