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List of the Twisted was a clan started on the 7th of February 2000 by PD and Sycochild.


Started by PD and Sycochild in February 2000 because they could. The team followed some of the european teams in using numbers for members and were renowned for not really giving a crap and doing all sorts of innovative stuff with regards to name formats, ridiculous quote binds and doing a whole lot of sneaky crap in team games.

Participated in Smackdown and famous for being the real champions of Quakeworld, attitude wise.


  • Founded: 02 7, 2000 by Sycochild, PD
  • Nationality: Flag au.gif Australian
  • Clan prefix: list, tsil, #


Past Members

  1. 5•mrabc 23-04-2000 to 15-01-2002
  2. 3•replicant 17-03-2000 to 17-08-2000
  3. 6•afropuffs 03-03-2000 to 03-09-2000
  4. 7•sic puppy 02-03-2000 to 10-08-2000
  5. 12•scurge 21-02-2001
  6. 10•greyseer 22-12-2000
  7. 6•nocturnal 26-09-2000
  8. 8•skipper 21-06-2000

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