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Australian Deathmatch player, started refuseNresist [rNr] on the Alphalink servers around 1997 and later went on to found List of the Twisted with PD in 2000.

  • Real name: Aaron
  • Date of birth: October 24, 1982
  • Also known as: evade, sc, c1, chosenone
  • Nationality: Flag au.gif Australian
  • First spawned: 1997
  • Colors:   4     4  
  • Map: ultrav

Clan history


  • Silence! I now call to order the first meeting of the ancient mystic society of...No Otas.
  • f_hiv = user psikaar POSITIVE


  • One of the masterminds behind List of the Twisted
  • Sneakly turned Berzerk Mode by spamming confetti binds
  • Using rolling binds with fat insults when people blocked the way (team member or not)
  • Using rolling binds for people who died in Lava
  • Fanfare binds which spewed colour leds everywhere.
  • Using fake f_speed replies for the THDM team in various Smackdown matches
  • Using fake f_mod replies for the THDM team in various Smackdown matches

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