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ultrav - "UltraViolence"
Author: Escher
Gametypes: Duel, 2on2, FFA

UltraViolence by Escher


Nicely distributed, finding items is not difficult.

Weapons Powerups
Lightning Gun: 1 Mega Health: None
Rocket Launcher: 3 Quad Damage: Yes
Grenade Launcher: 1 Ring of Shadows: No
Super Nailgun: None Pentagram of Protection: No
Nailgun: None Armor
Super Shotgun: None Red Armor: None
Ammunition Yellow Armor: 2
Pack of 6 Cells: 4 Pack of 12 Cells: 1 Green Armor: 1
Pack of 5 Rockets: 4 Pack of 10 Rockets: 1 Health
Pack of 25 Flechettes: None Pack of 50 Flechettes: None 25 Health: None
Pack of 20 Shells: None Pack of 40 Shells: None 15 Health: 7


Map is not very popular in competitive play, but very popular in FFA. Servers quickly fill up when this map cycles round.


Map is quite small, ability to rj and bunny and lack of RA makes it very fast-paced map. Even distribution of weapons and items makes domination by a single player in FFA difficult. Quad is placed in unusual place.


Map is too small for many players in FFA. Causes camping and spawn-frags. The popularity of this map in FFA exacerbates these problems. The RL chamber is a infamous spawn-camping spot.


There are 4 main areas. First, biggest one is yard. Second - LG chamber. Third - Quad-below. Fourth - RL chamber.


Place which connects all areas, where you can jump to other place of map or teleport to Quad after pressing a button.

LG chamber

Connected with yard by small passage, teleport to GL/from quad-below.


Place below Quad. It's possible to reach a Quad by a single or double RJ.

RL chamber

Good place to hide. Spawn-camping in FFA here is a problem.

How to Play

Play it good.


Some notes on this particular gametype. If nobody plays this map in this gametype, remove it.

2 on 2


4 on 4

Probably too small for 4 on 4, really.

Free for All

No subtlety with this one. Just grab yourself an RL and kick some butt! This map is manic when full. When spawning in the RL chamber being camped by a spawn-camper, try and grab the RL as fast as possible to try and beat them to the draw.


I'm going to flesh out a screenshots section later. Too lazy atm. =)

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