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TSW was started by a young lad named Flag uk.gif Ash with a dream in his heart in spring 1998. One day while jogging with the wild whores of Matlock, young Mr Flag uk.gif Ash thought to himself in the way that all young people do; hmm why dont I start a quake clan full of the other quake players on Force9 (a famous FFA server back in the old days)? And so TSW was born. The early members didn't have a clue about team play or anything really.

TSW played in the lowest possible division in the UKCL in the beginning and ended in the lowest possible rank. After only one season, focus was changed from UKCL to the UKQA (United Kingdom Quake Academy). That league was limited only to incredibly poor clans and TSW was very welcome. Even for UKQA standards the game was so poor, that they achieved no more than a few wins here and there.

It soon came to the point that Flag uk.gif Ash was bored with how TSW was evolving. He left. Flag uk.gif Oli and Flag de.gif Andy (back then known as Quadearz and Simplybag, respectively). The clan's philosophy changed under their new leadership, taking the game more seriously than ever. Well, not like it means much, heh. Anyway, new players were recruited and TSW re-joined UKCL, in which they again didn't perform too well but significantly better than before. Regular practice games were held and proper teammessages were created.

Both lost interest soon, mainly due to the unreliability or disinterest for regular games of some members. Flag de.gif Andy had higher goals and left to join Flag de.gif The Fragging Pumpkins. Flag uk.gif Oli generally lost interest and was busy with real-life.

Flag uk.gif Stickman took over and lead events in TSW for a few months before he felt like he was no longer able to run the business and Flag uk.gif Gaz took over. Under his leadership, the clan recruited a few useful lower division players such as Manny and Derv, and cruised to a division 6 championship in the UKCL. They also won the lowest division of the Wireplay Deathmatch League (WPDML) two seasons in a row. They gradually moved up through the UKCL divisions. Andy came back when he saw that the clan was taking QW seriously again and remained there until he traitored to join Denial.

Eventually, TSW turned into one of the better clans in the UK. In the second last Season of the UKCL, TSW finished 3rd in Division 1, only beaten by Flag uk.gif Denial and Flag uk.gif Four Kings.

The team turned inactive in ~2001.


  • Founded: 1998
  • Nationality: British Flag gb.gif
  • Clan prefix: TSW
  • IRC channel: #ukclan_tsw (QuakeNet)
  • Website: -


Early members (the early days of the clan in the UKQA and low divisions of the UKCL)

Classic members (the members who lead the clan to glory in the lower divisions of the UKCL and the WPDML)

Elite members (the members who played during the clan's time in UKCL division 1)


  • 1st: Irish Quakelords leage
  • 1st: WPDML Season 8 Division 3
  • 1st: WPDML Season 9 Division 3
  • 3rd: UKCL Season 11
  • Semi-finals in Blade Tourney 3

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