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UKCL - United Kingdom Clan League

The UKCL (United Kingdom Clan League) was a non-profit competition run by a small bunch of quake enthusiasts. The UKCL was a league for UK QuakeWorld clans, in which teams compete in a competitive yet fun environment. The UKCL has been running for many years. Clans were ranked in divisions on basis of skill, and there is a promotion / relegation system. Every weekend clans met on #ukcl on, and each clan plays 20 minute home and away games on Barrysworld - the UK's premier game servers. This system was only introduced in the later seasons. Formerly, one map was picked each week by the schedule and it was played for 30 minutes.

The last admin team consisted, more or less, of:


HangTime and Andy were the head admins in seasons 10 and 11. Before that the league was run by Derv for some time, also Bigfoot deserves a mention as he ran the league for a long (can't remember in which seasons, though).

The UKCL was originally created and set up by Azrael of the Quake Lords who ran the first few seasons before handing the reins over.

A number of the matches and side tournaments, including the first LAN parties where held at the Shoot n Surf Internet cafe just off Oxford St in London.


Season 1: Quake Lords
Season 2: Quake Police Dept
Season 3: Quake Police Dept
Season 4: Demonic Core
Season 5: Unknown
Season 6: Demonic Core
Season 7: Four Kings
Season 8: The Dark Icemarines
Season 9: The Dark Icemarines
Season 10: ESC
Season 11: Denial