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Denial was a QuakeWorld Deathmatch only clan which was formed sometime last century, after the long standing clans Fallen Angels (FA) and Special Armed Services (SAS) merged. The merger grew out of the FA vs. SAS LAN Meet in which the two clans got on so well the respective leaders, Andro for FA and Aerotus for SAS, decided that joining forces would give the clans a much better chance of success (FA had many LPBs, while SAS had many HPBs).

The majority of members were happy about this and after a online meeting between the two clans, Denial was officially formed with a line-up of: Aerotus, Andro, Kage, Mayhem, Mean, Melee, Morte (Deathreign) Naz, Oppy, Pilsner, Proxima (Reaper), Rags & Undy. Some members of FA however weren't happy about the merge and decided to carry on as FA, also sometime later SAS was ressurected by some previous members.

Denial was a mainstay of the UK QW scene for 4+ years with members playing crucial roles in the scene such as adminning/running leagues (UKCL/MCW/WPDML), providing servers/webspace, as well as helping to maintain the QuakeWorld scene on Wireplay through Amok and Oppy. Although DN has changed it's lineup of members many times it has always managed to remain competative with many DN members having competed at the highest clan level and internationally throughout QuakeWorld's history, including 3 out of 5 members for the 4 Nations event at Rapture '99 event where England placed 2nd despite winning the most games (don't ask :)).



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