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Prom (full nick Prometheus) began playing quake 1 and soon quakeworld on wireplay, and was utterly remedial at first but soon due to complete addiction to the game was fortunately kicked out of college in order to focus on his gameplay. Upon going to the very first insomnia LAN party in Bicester near Oxford, he promptly drank 3 litres of vodka mixed with ribena. Some say the vomitting bout that ensued "purified" the young upstart and in fact sent him on a navajo-esque spirit journey, cleansing him of his poor play and infected configs. Soon afterwards he discarded friends in wireplay clan S7 like a callous shit and joined net clan Denial having been seen to be a ridiculously high quality rager on dm2, and an above average teamplayer when absolutely everything went his way. He is said to have played one single match for the UK Team at some point, though no one knows whether this is true however if you patronise him at any point regarding qw he will gladly point out he was "UK TEAM FFS".

Prom sadly retired from qw after moving in with irc personalities Lardon and Funk, and narrowly missed out on living with Harry Potter aka Kage. Now having spent productive years at University Prom returns to a mature quakeworld playerbase to hopefully finally master grenade jumping on death32c.

His special power is the ability to predict when Quad will spawn to the second on dm2, even when on another server.


  • Real name: John Cox
  • Nationality: Flag uk.gif British
  • First spawned: 1997
  • Retired: 2000
  • Colors:   3     7  
  • Map: DM2/Androm9/E4M3
  • Other games: Tribes (6 times UKTL winner)

Clan history


MCW most valuable player of all time


"hacker", "cl_aimbot 1", "you are adopted"

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