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Old school UK player, who started out with clan Central Beating, alongside the likes of HangTime, with the name "Man-P" ("P-Man" already being in use). This soon morphed to "Manny", and he became a key player in StrikeForce's UKCL team. When SF tried to become a top level clan and recruited some "elite" players, Manny became fed up with his new team mates and joined TSW, who he knew through Gaz and former SF clanmate Dave (aka Derv). With Manny in the team, TSW won two seasons of the WPDML division 9 and UKCL division 6.

Manny went inactive and played other games (including Counterstrike) for a while, but made a QW comeback with FIPS in 2003. After playing a key role in the team during NQR5 and 6, and saddened by the clan's folding in the summer of '04, Manny followed Gaz from FIPS to Osams, where he has stayed ever since.

Manny is now Osams' star player and is widely acknowledged as being the "key2victory".


  • Real name: Paul
  • Date of birth: 11/11/1981
  • Nationality: Flag uk.gif British
  • Location: Ipswich
  • Occupation: Graphic Designer
  • Current clan: Flag se.gif Osams
  • Colors:   0     9  
  • Map: E1M2
  • Known Aliases:
    • AC Slater
    • Arthur Bumbees
    • Barba Morsa
    • Brock Sampson
    • Butch Deadlift
    • Captain Beefhands
    • Cardinal Lollies
    • Cardinal Clunge
    • Casual Lazer Buddy
    • Catclops
    • Citizen Snips
    • Coffee Annan
    • Crunch Buttsteak
    • Dangerous Rodney
    • Dennis Quaid
    • Dirk Bennedict
    • Dirk Hardpeck
    • Drunken Bee Style
    • Epileptic Space Gibbon
    • Feminine Itching
    • Fist Rockbone
    • Fist Glovehand
    • Flint Ironstag
    • Fridge Largemeats
    • Fruity Landmass
    • Gary Busey Cat
    • Girl Hitler
    • Honest Sandwich
    • Lazer Skittle
    • Lethal Speedhump
    • Lord Lazerface
    • Lord Mansbury
    • Malmo
    • Man Lambshanks
    • Manbees
    • Manny Manbees
    • Man-P
    • Medallion Man
    • Monorail Cat
    • Old Man Spazbees
    • Paulie Macaroni
    • Pokemasta
    • Power Glove
    • Punch Rockgroin
    • Punt Speedchunk
    • Raver Med Lollypop
    • Rip Steakface
    • Sassa Pig
    • Scrag Disco
    • Scrag Love
    • Scrag Clunge
    • Silky Ramone
    • Silky Spasm
    • Slab Bulkhead
    • Smoke Manmuscle
    • Splint Chesthair
    • Sponge Lovejoy
    • Spunky Backpack
    • Sterling Manstrong
    • Stump Chunkman
    • Surprise Tony
    • Telly Savalas
    • Team Lazer Squad
    • Thick McRunfast
    • Trunk Slamchest

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  • "quadden sog" :cry:

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