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In the summer of 2004, several old school and inactive UK Quakeworld players decided that 2on2 wasn't sating their QW appetite, and that they would like to play 4on4 once again in NQR season 5.

And so, Dan, Easy Frag (ez), Dratstab (Drat), Manny, Gaz and Jilted, each a former member of either StrikeForce, The Shadow Warriors or Kamikaze TeleFraggers, decided to band together to form "FIPS". "FIPS" was the phonetic proncunation of the abbreviation "FPS" (as in "Frames Per Second") as stated by HangTime at a StrikeForce LAN party around the turn of the millennium. Later, FIPS developed a full name to go with the tag: Funky International Pirate Superstars.

FIPS lasted for 2 NQR seasons before the members joined other clans or went back to inactivity. The clan finished 2nd in NQR season 5 division 7, and then lost in the first round of the Bronze Cup playoffs in NQR season 6.

The clan also competed in the only two seasons of the UK custom map 4on4 league known as the Trickery TDM League (TTDML). In season 1, FIPS won all of their matches including the season-ending 4vs4vs4vs4 to take the division 2 title. Season 1 was played over the summer of 2004, just as FIPS' activity was decreasing and the clan was beginning to wind down. The regular FIPS members were joined by friends from Osams and Klatch, including Ponk and Tyrone, and played under the name "fips & friends" and the clan tag "<3". Once again, FIPS won all of their 4on4 games, but finished last in the season-ending 3vs3vs3 on Titan2. Regardless, their 4on4 form was enough to see them top division 2 for the second successive season, pipping the second team from JAMS by 2 points.



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