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The team at the start of the first season of the WPDML was Quadfather, Cons, Thirdof5, Telly, ThaKrow, Lightfoot, Pobster and Zardoz.

Bitter enemies of Edge Of Madness in the old wireplay days (all friends now).

Aliased as the Silly Turkish Balloonmen during the wireplay Shot To Bits crisis.

Went inactive a couple of times over the years but never really split up.

Thirdof5 was the original leader and then Telly took over mostly from 1999 onwards.

From 2000 we tried out various games, mostly with the same team. Played Quake3 in 2000, doing reasonably well and reached the top divisions of all the UK leagues. Nih was very good at Quake 3, and also the one who hated it with the most passion.

Tried out CPM TDM for a season but it was just free for all. Our team iirc was telly, grind, nih, cons, krass and acidicfish. We also played a 2v2 cpm tournament, with telly, acidicfish and cons playing, but can't remember how we did, except won at least one match.

Cons and Acidicfish preserved with quake 3 and started the clan Reverse Psychology, which telly and grind also played for a few times.

Played one season of a Counterstrike league. Telly (despite never playing CS once before the first match) thought it would be easy, but JAMS lost horribly in all the matches. Pobster, grind, telly, acidicfish and cons was the JAMS CS team.



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