Playing with bots

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Sometimes playing with bots (computer controlled players) is a fun twist.

For playing against monsters see Coop or Bloodfest instead. For race, see Race

Bots for Quake/QuakeWorld exist since the beginning. Frikbots, Omnicrom bots, bots for CTF, ..... Today, the most common bots are Frogbots. These are integrated in the latest versions of the server modification KTX. This means you can connect to the server and and spawn some bots to start playing!

KTX bots

Connect to any modern KTX server. Once you connect, use the console to type commands:

  • /addbot - adds a bot to the match
  • /skill 0-20 - changes the skill of the bot
  • /lg_pref - the bot will prefer using the Lightning Gun, if he has it

currently there are plenty of maps that you can play with bots: dm6, bravado, dm4...

For more, read the blog entry of KTX supporting Frogbots:

offline bots

You can also download the bot modification, extract to your Quake forlder, and run the bots offline, in your own computer.


Was a worldwide offline competition vs bots. Rules were simple, determine which human player had the best lg vs bots. You can read more about it LGC