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A famous NetQuake clan that later turned towards QW.


Cyborg: In 1998 after having played for clan Nuclear Quakers for some time as co-leader our leader decided to put the clan down because of his lack of interest and time.. I had enjoyed being co-leader in clan Nuclear Quakers (my first clan) and I found that having an own clan was a nice treat. So me and Niktu (also from Nuclear Quakers) created the predecessors for todays maniacs. Maniac Preachers. we didn't have high goals at that time and most people that asked where allowed to join, without any form of tryouts. after one month a guy who called himself El Greco joined. He told me that he had played a lot before, but not dm5 and dm6, only up to dm4. His favourite map at that time was e1m2. And i never beat him on that map those days. He was awesome at e1m2, but he couldn't play for shit on dm6...

After reaching around 30 members i decided that we needed to pick out the best players and let the rest go. Among the players in maniacs at that time was: me, Niktu, El Greco, Legolas, Paradizer and Igloo. at the same time we participated in the second round of the newly started online tournament sql. We didn't do too bad. Unfortunately we didn't stand a chance against clans like Shadow Minions and [LA] with their skillfull players like [SM]Battlemage, [SM]Golden, [SM]Latex, [LA]Lowlife, [LA]Gambold and [LA]Gurra. But we had fun and most fun was beating the always nice people in clan [TOG] these oldies didn't play well, but they didn't whine about loosing and could always put up a good fight against any opponent. After a while both me and Niktu had so much else going on outside quake that we decided to put the clan on hold for a while. Bad decision when i think back at it. By the time i started up the clan again, this time named virtual maniacs, El Greco had joined clan [kuk], Niktu had joined clan [TOG] and most of the other members had either quit or begun playing other games. So there i was, at scratch again.

Only member from the first time that joined again was Paradizer. A very skillful Norwegian. I also managed to get hold of a couple of other really nice players. Receiver from clan Shadow Minions and a guy who called himself Blackcat. His real nickname was Thegoldenone, and he was the only one at that time i had seen beating [LA]Lowlife on dm4, 8-6 after having been down 0-6. A good danish qw player also joined called Dustbunny. I realized that i had gotten together a really nice team again. El Greco would also leave [kuk] and come back when the third round of sql was over. Unfortunately things didn't work out the way i planned. Getting drafted for the military was just not one of my own choices. And the clan just faded away, when there was no leader and no one to update the homepage. Even today our old website is online. It's located at this address:

And now almost one and a half year since last time maniacs where up and going we are back and kicking. More powerful than ever. More serious and dedicated, with kickass connections. We have all switched out our old modems and isdns. It's time for us again to set marks throughout the world of netquake. Maniacs - Seriously devoted to making the world of quake a little more dangerous and interesting. It has gone long since that update... Cyborg wrote that... and that was back in early 2001.. its now 2002 and a lot of things have happened!! We played SQL (european quake league) and it was going pretty good until we meet the best team [EIA] that won a tight game vs us..

After that Tredder left our team for the second time and Cyborg lost his connection.. so the team was near a close end... El Greco started play Quakeworld and left the RQ scene, Sassa, and the other clanleader Sodomizer decided to take apart the clan in two parts.. Sodomizer took almost every player with him and I had to start from zero. I formed the New Maniacs with Sassa, Machine (aka Extreme from clan-U), Sage, Rookie (from clan U) and our homie Goofy! We had practice every week and were getting stronger day by day... We beat clans like QRF, Shadow Minions and QQ. We also opeand a new section in the clan, the QW-section with Hustak, Smalagreger (our inspiration of life), Ecco, Koffe (our clanleader) and Diablo (our QW master). The team sounded good and we begun fighting in both RQ (netquake) and QW. We lost 3 maps in 5 QW games and it was pretty good for being a nobbie QW clan. We havent lost any RQ games yet with "new maniacs" and both QW and RQ players plays both "games" and we are waiting for the new season to start in both RQ/QW !!!

writen by: Cyborg, Sassa and Machine


  • Founded: ??
  • Nationality: Flag se.gif Swedish
  • Clan prefix: [0]
  • IRC channel: #[0] on (QuakeNet)
  • Website: http:???


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