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  • Founded 1996 by Dopefish and his three friends in Tumba, Botkyrka Sweden.
  • Original members were Chippe, Dopefish, QuadHorse, Rage.
  • At the best, Shadow Minions was ranked 6th in Europe.
  • In 1997, Dopefish decided to play for Clan Armageddon under a different name but he was still active in SM.
  • The same year Predator joined SM but the clan didn't play wars anymore and it died.
  • After a while Predator took over and became the clan leader, for what now was more or less a settlers clan.
  • Settlers died out and Predator decided to turn it into a RQ clan with a new bunch of players.
  • At that time SM was danes only :)
  • Predator kinda faded after a while and Nomad decided to take over leadership of the now leaderless RQ clan.
  • In early 1998 the first swedes joined SM at the time of the first SQL tournaments. We did quite well :)
  • Need I mention that we beat the crap out of LA ( Lost Angels ) ? :)
  • When Stefan (not steppa, but a noob with the same name) managed to shutdown Dancehall, RQ died a painful death with only a few diehard RQ players left.
  • With RQ almost extinct SM evolved into a multigaming clan, some trying to keep the RQ going and others going over to Q3 (mm joined the q3-part of sm at that time, having formerly played Q1 with LA (which in RQ stood for Lost Angels).
  • As time went, the Q3-side of SM started to get more and more inactive.
  • After not having an internet connection for a couple of months (while former hemogl0bin (with binds like "I'm in your blood!" etc :p) stole his nick :p) blaps returned to see SM almost completely inactive. RQ had died and the remaining SM:ers played some random games like Q3 and Medal of Honour. As RQ had died blaps felt that QW (which almost all former SM-players had sworn never to play :p) at least would be more fun than Q3. So he tried. And he liked. After a few days/weeks (?) of convincing he got aap to try it as well. And aap liked.
  • In time, most of the clan was back playing together, bringing the few remaining Q3-players into the action as well (Rille, mm and ...?). SM was now a QW clan.
  • Opering on QuakeNet, and the loss of a good IRL friend and RQ player ([SM]Sundance), got the best of Nomad, and he stopped playing, sorta :)
  • If you want to see the old SM site, you can find it here:
  • keftem apa
  • Would be top lineup ever: DragonNewbie-Piglet-mm-Terror Muahaha! OSTSÅS!



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