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QuakeWorld summary for Flag us.gif United States

This is the country in which Quake was created and which had the first Quake players. It is a large country, and in the Quake scene it is usually split up three ways: West (Thresh, etc), Central (iD software, QuakeCon, etc), East (czm, etc). Canada (def, MikeJ) is also part of the United States Quake scene, collectively known as the North American Quake scene. Activity has been declining since 2001, low since 2004, 2005, and is currently stagnant.

Famous players

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Quake was spawned in this country.





Clan Arena


KTPro (you can vote /1on1, /2on2, /4on4)

  • OFQSP NJ #2: (Usually best for Euros that have to play on N.A.)
  • OFQSP Central:

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