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Clan Unf! is a North American Quakeworld Clan in Clan Arena.

The Beginning

Unf was founded in the spring of 2001 by former members of clan alias. Alias at the time was one of the top east CA clans who had participated in several tourneys, most prominently in ASCA (All Star Clan Arena). In the first year of a new league called STA (Stronger than All), Alias had participated along with 20 other teams. Despite having a great lineup of players, clan alias lost its first 3 consecutive matches to mostly lower opposition in which StealthRS the leader of Clan Alias decided to disband all the team all together. After reasoning with StealthRS to not disband the whole clan, they decided it was best to form a new alliance with clan Mafia which consisted of Hexum,bronx,blakbeard, and Compton. With merger of the ex-members of Alias and clan Mafia they formed a mighty partnership. Initially the first scrimmages showed that the new clan was ready to compete with the best clans out there, however history would soon repeat itself. The first official clan match from Mafia, fielded a team of Bronx, Claw, Xullix (Zee), and Flow. While initially the team was winning, Bronx wanted to substitute Flow who was pinging bad, however he was doing quiet well and preferred to want to play blakbeard who had 13ping. Bronx had threatned Flow, that if he did not spectate the game and allow blakbeard to play, he would have flow out of the team, flow quit the match and quit the clan at that precise moment. The game continued and blakbeard who had 13ping turned out to be the weakest link and cost the game for the match. Outraged as to what had happened, Claw and Cruxradio quit clan mafia and along with Flow started a new team.

The Golden Era 2001 - 2003

When the clan was formed the three leaders decided to make unf a fun clan and promised that friendship before anything came first although at same time, the competitive nature of Quakeworld made it very difficult to keep that promise. When the clan started, they managed to play the remaining games of the first STA season and show everyone that unf was a serious contender and not to be a walk over by any means. The first unf lan also took place that year near Chicago, IL hosted by Amp. That year also Claw had competed in the CPL 4 Year Anniversary event in Dallas, TX which he placed 9th losing to cK-czm. When Season2 of the STA had started, clan unf had a very talented lineup which helped it place 3rd that season only losing to DC in the playoffs. UNF was one of the only few clans to beat what was the top CA clans at the time which consisted of Deliberately Cruelty, Damage Inc, Who Cares, Deathstrikers. Near the end of Season 3 of the STA, Claw had moved to Mexico and was not able to play due to lack of a high speed connection, Flow joined a Quake3 Rocket Arena Clan, and Cruxradio went inactive. How the clan managed to survive near the end season came down to Buzz from Quebec who had joined half way through the season from Deathstrikers took leadership of the clan and along his friend dnx3 helped salvage the season.


The Dark Years 2003 - 2005

During this time, it was a dark period for clan unf. Initally Claw had made a brief cameo appearance and was able to convince former members of clan Redemption(Devin, Wast3d, Thump4, Fr3ud,Tarjan) to join unf for their west division however without even playing a single match they formed a separate team. Claw had gone missing in action again and Buzz who did not want to take any future leadership quit the clan alongside with dnx3. Lacking any leadership during this time, many members of the clan quit and joined other clans or retired from Quakeworld or moved onto other games.


Decline of QWCA 2005 - 2009

Throughout this time, Quakeworld Clan Arena in North America had reached pretty much a stand still and most clans that made up the community had disbanded and without any leagues to organize any matches, it didn't make things any easier. There was a clan arena league that had started however nobody knows who won it as it became a defunct league due in part to clans not playing their matches. Through out this time though, Claw had came back from 3 year hiatus while traveling to New York and met Phil, who previously was known as Guph from clan KcK and also Stas from Quake3 jailbreak who prior had not played Quakeworld previously. With the addition of Phil and Stas and Claw traveling to New York often, UNF emerged out of an inactivity and starting cameo scenes on the few remaining arena servers in North America. Cruxradio also had made a reemergence after being known that he was doing missionary work in Asia and Central America. In the beginning of 2007 and unf lan took place in Manhattan with many active CA players from around New York area. After the last official clan unf lan.


The Rebirth 2009 - Present

After a couple of years being away, Claw made a reappearance in the spring of 2009 living in Mexico again and started a world wide clan arena tourney called Fusion. Teams across the globe participated, although the tournament did not complete, it gave clan arena new life into what was considered dead mod and many ex-players from clan unf came back.

A new league for season 2 of Fusion has started and all the original clan unf members have agreed to participate. Claw, Cruxradio, Flow, Phil, Inpro, Brucelee and a new member Cream has joined to dominate the clan arena scene.


Active Members

Inactive members

Flag us.gif stas since 2005, Flag ca.gif inpro since 2002,Flag ca.gif zee since 2002

Retired members

Flag us.gif zao, Flag us.gif gandalf, Flag ca.gif sno,Flag mx.gif chuy, Flag us.gif xhizo,Flag us.gif b00g,Flag us.gif jadin,Flag us.gif dildo,Flag us.gif spirit,Flag us.gif mastroeni,Flag ca.gif zero,Flag us.gif cornfrow,Flag us.gif stylepoints,dildo,Flag us.gif jerk

Former members

Flag ca.gif buzz, Flag ca.gif dnxFlag us.gif kap,Flag ca.gif lithium,Flag us.gif karnage,Flag us.gif clown,Flag us.gifbee,Flag us.gif cuda,Flag us.gif amp,Flag us.gif diggz,Flag us.gif gutz,Flag us.gif thump4,Flag us.gif wast3d,Flag us.gif devin,Flag ca.gif war,Flag ca.gif casualty,Flag ca.gif gomerk,Flag ca.gif sorc,Flag us.gif vegeta,Flag us.gif cardinal,Flag ca.gifegg