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Dennis "Thresh" Fong is best known for being one of the first top gamers, and also for co-founding Xfire, an instant messenger and social networking site for gamers which was acquired by MTV Networks for $102 million in April 2006. Thresh won the first substantial video game prize: John Carmack's Ferrari 328 in a 1997 Quake tournament. Thresh went undefeated (two official losses, both avenged) and won every tournament he entered over a five year span, and did it in a variety of games including Doom I and II, Quake I, and II. He also played Starcraft, Quake III, and probably a lot more games, but not as successfully.

  • Real name: Dennis Fong
  • Date of birth: 1977
  • Nationality: Flag us.gif American
  • Clans: Death Row lgd r3v


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