QuakeWorld MIX League

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[e][h]QuakeWorld MIX League
League Information
Start Date:
dm2 • dm3 • e1m2 • schloss • cmt4 • ctl8 • italy

QuakeWorld MIX League is a 4on4 league for rookies and low/mid skilled 4on4 players. Players that are too good will not be allowed to play. QML is hosted by Division Ninety Nine. They have a dedicated channel on their discord called QUAKEWORLD MIX LEAGUE.


  • 4on4 mix teams
    • Teams will consist of different players each round
  • Season got 10 rounds
    • Each round is 2 maps (last round is 3 maps)
    • Each round will have fixed maps
  • Playoffs are fixed teams
    • Playoffs are Bo5's
  • Timeframe: 12 weeks


G-Games, FE-Frags Efficiency, MW-MapWins

Ranking G FE MW
1 Norway robin 3 213 5
2 Sweden alice 3 180 5
3 Sweden Velocity 3 130 5
4 Great Britain RaggA 3 57 5
5 Estonia Pitbull 3 153 4
6 Germany Annihilator 3 66 4
7 Finland tuhmapoika 3 49 4
8 Poland szalonazaba 3 47 4
9 Poland cor 3 1 4
10 Poland Doomie 3 -24 4
11 Sweden shrimp 2 -73 4
12 United States Lambda 3 -93 4
13 United States Zedii 2 90 3
14 Germany HaraldQuake 3 76 3
15 Germany Pattah 3 18 3
16 Portugal diehuman 3 17 3
17 Poland Tobax 3 -31 3
18 Sweden eppe 3 -67 3
19 Europe ele 3 -186 3
20 United States Lampyre 3 -232 3
21 Sweden ekz 3 95 2
22 Scotland dobeZz 2 82 2
23 Poland kafar 3 38 2
24 Poland glinski 3 13 2
25 United States esper 2 5 2
26 Finland Anza 2 -28 2
27 United States Orc 3 -100 2
28 Great Britain Hiipe 3 -107 2
29 Sweden crp 3 -156 2
30 United States SHARMO 2 -167 2
31 United States Sickness 2 -193 2
32 Germany kwon 3 -40 1
33 Poland lolek 2 -80 1
34 Poland szturm 3 -88 1
35 Great Britain Pixols 3 -100 1
36 Canada Flash 3 -194 1
37 United States Phil 3 -301 1
38 Russia dzha 1 -32 0
39 Great Britain Banjo 2 -180 0
40 United States AHemlocksLie 3 -278 0

Match details: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1ZLRsIoGNlmipChDs8gjS8Lh8L_HCuPp1rLW-mwKj-fg/edit#gid=1289186052


dm2 dm3 e1m2 schloss cmt4 ctl8 italy
Dm2 Dm3 e1m2 Schloss Cmt4 ctl8 italy

Maps to be played in the rounds:
Round 1: DM2, CMT4 - deadline:
Round 2: DM3, Italy- deadline:
Round 3: E1m2, Schloss - deadline:
Round 4: dm2, CTL8 - deadline:
Round 5: CMT4, Italy - deadline:
Round 6: E1m2, Schloss - deadline:
Round 7: DM2, DM3 - deadline:
Round 8: CTL8, Italy - deadline:
Round 9: E1m2, Schloss - deadline:
Round 10 CMT4, DM2 - deadline:
Round 11: DM3, CTL8- deadline:


  • Standings in table: 1. Map wins 2. Frags efficiency
  • Playoffs are bo5
    • Map order: pick pick pick pick toss toss play


direct links:


  • Ruleset: Needs to be enabled before each official match
    • Smackdown or Qcon rulesets
- To enable the ruleset type in consol:
/ruleset smackdown or /ruleset qcon

Then reconnect to the server you are on.

Players should do f_ruleset checks before game start. It is ultimately the responsibility of the players to perform this check, and in general, matches played with outlying rulesets will not be overturned if the players neglected to perform this duty. Where there is ambiguity, the decision will be decided by the Admins.


  • Choice of server should be suitable for both teams but must be played on the continent of Europe.
  • The pings should be the most even for the 2 teams and measures like cl_delay_packet to increase the fairness of a match are welcomed.
  • The team A with highest average ping can require the other team B to ping up to the level of team A's lowest pinging player. Only the best possible ping is accounted for. Using delay packet or rerouting to raise the ping of the lowest pinging player in order to force the other team to ping up more is NOT allowed.
  • The maximum min-ping that can be required is 52ms.
  • If players still can't agree on a server, please contact admins about it. Admin decision is final.

Match Reporting

  • The team that wins the match should report the match.

Designate someone before or after match to upload demos and screenshot. - Reporting of the match is done through the #Report-Results channel on Division Ninety Nine discord.


  • Stand-ins - replacement players can be used for individual games.

If for some reason you can't play a week - contact an admin immediately so we can replace you for a week ! The stand-in pool consist of late signers, that missed the deadline or people can volunteer to be placed on it. Admins will always attempt to ensure that the stand-in is suitable as a replacement

Server Settings

  • Timelimit: 20 minutes
  • Overtime: 5 minutes if match is a draw
  • Deathmatch mode: 1
  • Teamplay mode: 2
  • Spawn mode: KTX2 Respawns
  • Powerups: ON
  • Discharge: ON
  • KFjump: Toggled OFF (command = tkfjump)
  • Airstep: OFF
  • Jawnmode: OFF
  • Antilag (or equivalent): ON (unless both teams agree to play without it.)
  • Fallbunny: ON (if server allows)
  • No berzerk, midair, instagib or other unusual modes.
  • If a team requests nospecs-mode, the other team is obliged to comply.

Server problems

remember to always set a match tag on your game - type in consol 4on4 and QML or something. This sets a matchtag on your game, enabling the /pause feature in game

  • The current map should be played to the end after game has started, no matter the servers condition.
  • In case of a disconnected player, teams should pause the game, by team captain asking admin status, all players should concede it fast and elected admin player should type ""pause"". Teams should wait maximum 10 minutes for the player, after that if the player is not back into the server, game must resume.

  • Admins will decide if a map should be replayed on another server

These should be the basic 4on4 settings on all modern servers, but make sure to check if you are unsure.

Scripting and cheats

In short: If you are playing with the ruleset on, and you have an updated client from reliable source - you do not have to worry about if you are cheating or not and can freely explore all settings in the consol and menus.

NOT allowed
  • movement scripts (ezquake: cl_idrive must be OFF)
  • kfjump
  • custom rocket jump scripts
  • Any other kind of movement scripts
  • Teamoverlay
  • Automated teamsays
  • Radar
  • Skin changing depending on health/armour/weapon
  • Custom models not allowed by f_modified
  • Any kind of cheat (wallhack, aimbot, timers etc.)
  • Hacked clients
  • Coaching, (timing quad and other items, relaying enemy positions and giving teamplay suggestions)
  • Different individual enemy skins

Failure to follow these restrictions can result in the player or team receiving harsh penalties such as, but not limited to:

  • points deduction
  • WO
  • player disqualification
  • permanent ban.


Maps to be played in the rounds:
Round 1: DM2, CMT4
Round 2: DM3, Italy
Round 3: E1m2, Schloss
Round 4: dm2, CTL8
Round 5: CMT4, Italy
Round 6: E1m2, Schloss
Round 7: DM2, DM3
Round 8: CTL8, Italy
Round 9: E1m2, Schloss
Round 10 CMT4, DM2
Round 11: DM3, CTL8

Demo Download

To download demos type in consol: on the server you were playing on:
"/cmd dlist Violet" to get a list of all games where team Violet was playing.

if you type
"/cmd dlist" you get a chronological list where the bottom ones are the latest ones played.
You can then type
"/cmd dl [the number of the demo listed on the left]" ex: "/cmd dl 252" and you'll download demo #252.
You can issue the command to download several demos at once by typing: ex:
"/cmd dl 252 253 254" which downloads demo # 252 253 and 254 in sequence.
You can also type
"/cmd dl ." to get the latest played game on the entire server.
"/cmd dl ..." downloads the latest three games played on server.

People behind QML, big and small roles :)

coj, Link, ocoini, pattah, badsebi, ciscon, cooke, dracs, milton, mushi, [DP]BlooD_DoG, Ake_Vader, alice, cor, Hangtime, Hooraytio, Paniagua, rghst, viag, wimpeeh.