Frags Done Extreme
To our knowledge this was the first official QW video released and was absolutely mindblowing when it came out 11 years ago! It was the start of something great in the way we presented QW and cherished some great moments in QW. I really enjoyed the soundtrack as well. However the movie was rather short, coming in at only 3:08 it almost felt like a ... teaser. I still think it's fun to watch
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Added by: ParadokS
Added date: 2012-04-24
Release date: 2000-12-31
Author: sLASh, surmo & DELiRiUM
Category: Movies
2012-04-26, 20:29
Revolutionary video, awesome music... A tad bit outdated, but still worth a good solid 8/10 just for the nostalgia.
2012-04-27, 19:36
2012-04-28, 20:55
Think I will always remember the first three frag scenes in this movie, the classical dm6 ra spawn situation, then dm2 airgib and finally the e1m2 quad sng annihilation with great Fear Factory song! Absolutely legendary video
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