One of the first big milestones in QW movies was reached when the dynamic duo, dag & def produced their first installment of the famous 'Dag Def Extreme' series. A solid hardcore rock soundtrack used throughout the video helped feel like it was faster paced, when in reality the whole movie was shown in slowmotion. This was partly to accomodate a smooth feeling as computers back then were not able to proccess QW in it's purest form and speed on a video based format.

First half of this movie is simply a lot of tricks and funky moves, few nice things here but nothing truely special. Second half is comprised of frags and again few nice ones but nothing really special. Overall feel was that this was professionally made but the content just didn't live up to my expectations. Luckily there was more to come from dag and def
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Added by: ParadokS
Added date: 2012-04-28
Release date: 2002-08-26
Author: Dag & Def
Category: Movies
2012-04-28, 17:38
Some decent entertainment for sure, but the music editing could have been done alot better, the overall quality of the movie wasnīt that great when you couldnīt tell when the fragger had quad and the lg bolt model lingered for way too long. Felt a bit sloppy but still worth a watch! 6/10.
2012-04-28, 21:22
The times when Disturbed music was used in almost every frag movie
2012-07-27, 21:50
Music 5/10
Frags 9/10
Quality 6/10
Overall Pretty Good.
This was worth a watch ^^
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