Ake Vader  /  16 Nov 2016, 10:11
December QW LAN in Budapest, Hungary
Zero and Orion have announced a Hungarian BYOC QuakeWorld LAN hosted in Budapest during the weekend of 2nd-4th December this year. Expected attendees so far are 20 of the best Hungarian Quakers as well as a couple foreigners such as Paradoks and Defcon 5.

Read more about the LAN in the forum
2016-11-16, 20:37
Yeehh ! Come as many as possible !!!
2016-11-17, 17:14
Great stuff!
Will the event be fully covered with updated brackets, twitch stream with casters, etc? So the world can follow it.
Good bootcamp for QHLAN in march
2016-11-17, 19:18
QHLAN what? this is the main event!
2016-11-18, 22:43
This is awesome! Unfortunately, right in the middle of my exams.. Ses på LAN?
2016-11-18, 22:43
I demand pictures, videos, vods, demos, brackets, etc, or it didn't happen
2016-11-19, 23:54
I would come if I could, but I'm celebrating my birthday then. Not that missing it would be the end of the world, just that I really don't want to take that call from my gf asking me why I'm not home from work yet when she has prepared dinner, cake, gifts etc and I'm like "can't talk right now, just picked up quad. Oh btw I'm in Budapest at LAN kbye love you"
2016-11-20, 17:03
you should celebrate your birthday in here get teh girlie as well we all need cheerleaders
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