pleuraXeraphim  /  26 Oct 2016, 07:07
Rock2ober 2016!
Calling ALL Quakeworld TF fans,

Rock2ober 2016!

The LEGEND returns, the MONSTER is back, the BIGGEST Q1 TF game of the year is here! This is the ninth Rock2ober event, the annual get together where we attempt to fill a Quakeworld server w 32 players like days of yore.The big question is, will we make 32 players again!? Can it be done in 2014? There's only one way to find out.
So get ready for TF insanity, AGR style, this Saturday 29th October, 23:00 UTC, @ More details at this link:

What:Rock2ober 2016!


When: Saturday 29th October, 23:00 GMT/UTC. Convert this to your timezone here (TimeZone Converter)

Who: YOU.

Why: Because you love Q1TF, and you want to experience a 32 player game, possibly for the last time!!

see you there!

2016-10-28, 01:52
"Can it be done in 2014?"
2016-10-28, 09:57
Try the original TF 2.8 mod?....

(unzips into quakedir\fortress)

Here's a server (had 20 players when I last checked at 11am - almost like games of lore I guess):

Would be cool to have more TF events! It's cool game!
2016-11-19, 14:54
"Can it be done in 2014?"

oops, yea ok, it was a typo.. my mistake!

Anyway, it was a GREAT game. For those who missed out, the next BIG 32 player attempt will be 2fort5r, on Sat 17th December, 23:00 GMT. Meanwhile you can get your weekly does of TF action at the Weekly AGR Sessions (!
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