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Thunderdome Season 7: Further Information

Once again, another season of Thunderdome is upon us; signups are already open on the website. First round games are scheduled to begin the weekend of the 15th of October, and the tournament is planned to finish by the middle of December. Read on for more info, such as season 6 map statistics, season 7 administrators, and last season's winners and runners up.
This season, for the first time, South American countries are going to have their very own competition. With 22 players signed up so far (including a few players from North America), this section looks like it's shaping up to be a lot of fun and will provide solid competition for all involved.

Separate competitions for North America and Australia will also be automatically created if enough people from these respective regions sign up; players should signify their interest by either signing up on the tournament website, or registering their interest with any of the admins.

The European section so far has another big turnout, with 45 players confirmed.

Administrators this season are VVD, praxismo, and 23y. All players should of course approach any one of these with any problems or questions. The best place to catch any one of us will always be on irc in #Thunderdome, but of course if you see any hanging around in the servers, do not be afraid to approach us!

Congratulations again to all those players who reached the top of their respective leagues in season 6. Thanks for participating and helping to keep the competitive scene alive.

Division 1
1st: Rikoll
2nd: LocKtar
3rd: speedball
4th: locust

Division 2
1st: nitemare
2nd: VVD
3rd: AIMER7
4th: Rasta

Division 3
1st: Danya
2nd: javve
3rd: Macisum
4th: apokalypze

Division 4
1st: Defcon 5
2nd: baresi
3rd: Virus
4th: meag

Division 5
1st: wakecold
2nd: veRRo
3rd: vukmir
4th: Beat

Division 6
1st: Ricaz
2nd: 23y
3rd: degrave
4th: dsm

As many of you are probably already aware, controversy was caused last season with the forced dropping of one tb3 map per round. Data was collected on map picks and tosses, and is organised below for interest:

We can see in the charts above that dm6 was the least favourite map by all listed criteria. Because of this, it will not be featured in season 7’s map pool.

The map pool for season 7 will thus be: aerowalk, bravadob(n), dm2, dm4, ztndm3.

We hope to see you all in the upcoming competition!
2016-09-26, 05:47
Maybe time to hop in on some action again.
There's alot of versions of bravado in the making,
Hope you decide on one final soon.
2016-09-26, 09:18
It sais b5 in the map listings ?
2016-09-26, 11:20
Lurq is working on a new version. If that gets finished and approved in time then the tournament will use that one instead. There's less than 2 weeks to go until the tournament starts though...

(Edited 2016-09-26, 11:39)
2016-09-26, 11:38
We hope to see the final version of the bravado in the Thunderdome 7.
And we hope to play the one-day #sundayspawnfraggin on the new bravado before the tourney start.
But there is only one last sunday - 2nd of October…
2016-10-19, 20:28
if people want their thunderdome game streamed and shoutcasted 'veRRo and Praxismo' mail me then with date and time 'cet time' on

Keep in mind its just to give a bit of lowlevel feedback and it will be more of fun conversations instead of the into depth going explanation like Andeh does. But the reason behind is to give the lower divisions also abit of the spotlight if they want to.

Greetings veRRo
2016-10-20, 09:54
South American awards!!


O Santo vai avua!!!

<img src='' width='400' height='auto'><br><br><br>

<img src='' width='400' height='auto'><br><br><br>

<img src='' width='400' height='auto'><br><br><br>

2016-10-20, 10:00
Not entered the pictures = (
Look here:

The South American awards!!

2016-10-23, 11:16
wow that's a really nice trophy! For me, only one of the image links works.
2016-10-24, 13:37
2016-10-28, 11:01

^ Uploaded MVD to igmdb of nitemare vs. corpse

After you upload your games for matches... shouldn't they be publicly available for scrutiny by the community?

gl all
2016-10-31, 04:10
Those map statistics....... the last two, ofc tb3 takes a hit there when one is tossed every game. And ofc ppl toss dm6 the most becuz dm4 is most popular tb3 map, and dm2 is always epic as a decider map, especially in tb5.... hopefully the admins can get their minds right and have a mappool including all maps showed here and have some kind of toss-system instead, cant be that hard.
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