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dirtbox  /  23 Sep 2016, 00:34
Happy Birthday QuakeWorld - she is now 20 years old.
I can't believe we all missed this!

QuakeWorld was released 20 years ago this week: 19th of September 1996.

Check out the photos of the official launch party over at Blues News.

Update: I actually got it wrong the launch party was on 19th of September 1996 however the actual release to the public was 17th of December 1996
2016-09-23, 11:14
I noticed this on the article: "The funny thing about American is that he plays with the screen shrunk down very small. He says playing full screen nauseates him (though playing full screen Quake has never actually caused him to puke, like Doom did a couple of times). He also swears that the mouse movement feels different with the shrunk screen, though most everybody else, including Romero, thinks that he's crazy..."

My guess is, by using reduced viewsize he was getting higher fps (bear in mind this was 1996, so systems wouldn't have maintained a steady 72fps), hence the mouse felt better.
2016-09-23, 11:36
I would guess the same thing. Maybe he was the only one sensitive enough to feel the difference in fps?
2016-09-23, 13:06
I played in 1998 on Pentium-166 and we did same for increase FPS - viewsize 60, d_mipcap 10, d_mipscale 10.
2016-09-23, 23:40
Good old' Days, mipcap/mipscale 999, viewsize ~60
and Genius WinMouse (the most perfect Metal-Ball System)!
and MQuake, the best client !
2016-09-24, 00:42
Shit, never realized the QW birthday was the same as mine. All best things happen on 19th September. lol
2016-09-24, 20:09
> Genius WinMouse (the most perfect Metal-Ball System)!
Mitsumi ECM-S3102

All Genius mice are shit. He-he.
2016-09-25, 23:24
Awesome. Pentium Pro's - I remember saving my hard earned all of '96 to buy a Pentium Pro 200 to play Quake. Man those were great days
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