Ake Vader  /  16 Sep 2016, 07:21
Thunderdome EU Season 7 takes signups
The seventh European instance of the 1on1 league Thunderdome has recently opened up for signups. If you aren't already familiar with it, Thunderdome is a competitive 1on1 tournament that at the same time strives to ensure fair games for all by dividing participants in round-robin divisions according to skill level. The map pool consists of DM2, DM4, AEROWALK, BRAVADO and ZTNDM3. At the time of writing, the European section has 22 brave players signed up.

Head on over to Thunderdome EU!
2016-09-16, 16:48
When does it start and for how long will it run?
2016-09-19, 20:55
1. 8-9 October.
2. Till end of November - begin of December.

Praxismo must write news few days ago, but he isn't here yet. :-[=]
2016-09-21, 08:49
Thought I was off the hook VVD since Ake Vader did it? I've been on irc and discord since the 17th.
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