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QuakeCon info
As QuakeCon has kicked off in Dallas, Texas, with the QuakeWorld 2on2 TDM starting soon, this post compiles some important links and information in case you're interested in following the showdown.
Link to tournament site
Link to QW bracket
Link to QW schedule (or check further down in this post for different time zones)
Link to QW rules (pdf)


QTV (games confirmed to show up here, open links with ezQuake)

Confirmed notable attendees
Thump4 and serp

Team Rolling Projects
ZeRo4 and cha0ticz

Team USA and Canada
BLooD_DoG(D_P) and Bogojoker

Team BTT
GT and Dev

Rio and FeFFe!

Team Whisky Tango
ok98 and Trygve

Team Aeronauts
bps and Locust

Team Rune
Carapace and LocKtar

Team Ragnarok
Milton and Rikoll

Dirtbox and Venom

Online pre-qualifier cups (True Damage)
True Damage 1 bracket
True Damage 2 bracket
True Damage 3 bracket

QuakeCon 2016 power rank by Andeh
ESReality: QuakeCon 2016 day 2 - QuakeWorld 2on2

(Thanks to VVD for the formatting)

Thursday August 4/5th
01:00 18:00 17:00 15:00 10:00 Registration Opens
09:00 02:00 01:00 23:00 18:00 Registration Closes
Friday August 5/6th
01:00 18:00 17:00 15:00 10:00 Round 1
02:00 19:00 18:00 16:00 11:00 Winners Round 2
Losers Round 1
03:00 20:00 19:00 17:00 12:00 Losers Round 2
03:45 20:45 19:45 17:45 12:45 Losers Round 3
Winners Round 3
04:45 21:45 20:45 18:45 13:45 Losers Round 4
Winners Round 4a (Winner Semi-Final)
05:30 22:30 21:30 19:30 14:30 Losers Round 5
Winners Round 4b (Winner Semi-Final)
06:30 23:30 22:30 20:30 15:30 Losers Round 6
07:30 00:30 23:30 21:30 16:30 Losers Round 7
08:15 01:15 00:15 22:15 17:15 Winners Round 5 (Winner Final)
09:15 02:15 01:15 23:15 18:15 Loser Round 8 (Loser Final)
Saturday August 6/7th
~10:15 ~03:15 ~02:15 ~00:15 ~19:15 Finals
Original/master schedule found on

Unofficial Duelmania 1on1 tournament
Besides the official QuakeCon 2on2 TDM tournament there has also been an unofficial Duelmania 1on1 tournament among the players themselves. This was played during the Thursday and casted by SuddendeathTV. VODs should thus be available on and results on For twitch VOD links to specific matches check this comment on ESReality.

Can be found linked in the media archive
2016-08-05, 16:36
Would have been awsome to see milton play gt.....but grats to rikoll
2016-08-05, 17:02
If you reckon there are info or resources missing then please post them here in the comments so people get to know about em. For many players who are always around I'm sure it's easy to keep track of things, but for someone just watching this event it can probably be hard to find the gems.
2016-08-05, 18:18
2016-08-05, 20:08
Thanks for the links of the streams. This is amazing, I see little reason to switch to the opening ceremony in Rio tonight since I don't expect this to be better or more professional
2016-08-06, 08:18
Awesome to watch the 4on4s after the 2on2 matches finished early!
2016-08-06, 09:27
No demos yet? We need demos!! 1on1, 2on2 and 4on4, give it to me!!! Be
2016-08-06, 09:32
At first, the commenting was just annoying to me. But 2on2 is probably too fast and too short to explain anything properly. As the games progressed, it did become clear ddk at least did know a bit about qw at least.
But with the 4on4's it was obvious ddk doesn't just know qw rather well, he actually seems to love it as much as anyone here.
Conclusion: I was up way past my regular bedtime.
2016-08-06, 10:44
Not sure how much he played for them but DDK was on Teamkillers team when they were having some success against the top teams, so he's into the 4on4 for sure.
2016-08-06, 12:32
Yeah, demos! Brutal watching these on streaming sites.
2016-08-06, 21:39

2016-08-07, 01:11
Congrats to Milton and Rikoll on the win and $12.000! And to Cara and Locktar for 2nd place and $7000!
2016-08-07, 08:29
damm should have been bo5! But congratulations to milton/rikoll and thanks to everyone involved making this possible!

wernerml: the 2on2 demos:
2016-08-07, 08:51
leopold, the link on the page you provided says "file isnít here anymore
Someone mightíve deleted the file or disabled the link." :[
2016-08-07, 10:16
Yeah, same for me. If anyone managed to download it, can you please upload it somewhere and share the link here?!? Kthx!
2016-08-07, 12:31
oh, sorry, uploaded it:
2016-08-07, 12:40
2on2 demos:
2016-08-07, 13:23
Great thanks guys!!
2016-08-07, 13:46
Thanks leo :]

Can't seem to find the grand final though?
2016-08-07, 14:29
ye, it's not included, was played the day after these games.
2016-08-07, 20:35
What about 1on1 demos? Does anyone have them? :E
2016-08-09, 23:19
YouTube links to the Duelmania tournament:
Part 1:
Part 2:
2016-08-10, 09:55
Linked all the stuff in the media section
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