dirtbox  /  1 Aug 2016, 12:58
DuelMania QuakeCon 2016
The superstar team which brought you DuelMania WorldWide, dopeskillz, dev and dirtbox, are proud to finally announce both the worst kept secret and the news that you have all been waiting for:

DuelMania QuakeCon 2016

Much like DuelMania WorldWide, there has been a lot of work going on behind the scenes getting everything ready for DuelMania's first ever LAN tournament and this time dev has really outdone himself. Check out the prize which one competitor will be taking home:

EDIT: There might be a problem with the trophy

Whilst dopeskillz is working on the new DuelMania QuakeCon page, dev has created a dedicated page for people to track the tournaments and also check out pictures of the QuakeCon event:

Check out the full article for information for people wishing to compete.
For the warm-ups, we will be running small dmm4 and TDM mini-cups and showmatches. If you want to follow all the action, you can find more information at and watch it live at suddendeathTV (thanks, andeh!)
  • Date: Thursday 4th of August (Registration Day)
  • Time: 08:30am Central Time (Don't be late)
  • Instructions: Head to the Hilton Anatole and look for dev and dirtbox who can grant you access to the location where DuelMania QuakeCon 2016 will be held.
  • Format: Seeded Double Elimination
  • Player Limit: 24 Players. If there are too many then the top 24 seeded players will get to play.
  • Maps: The Big Five
  • Rules: Standard DuelMania Rules with one change being ruleset qcon instead of ruleset smackdown
  • Other: The tournament is only open to those who are competing in the QuakeCon TDM 2on2 QuakeWorld Tournament. So you will need to have your QuakeCon general pass and also be registered for the tournament. This means the number of competitors will be limited to 64.
  • Prize: Bragging rights to the most important LAN 1on1 tournament since the TGi and the awesome one-of-a-kind DuelMania QuakeCon 2016 Champion's Trophy.
    Casting: DuelMania QuakeCon 2016 will be casted by suddendeathTV. Stay tuned at
2016-08-01, 13:45
Thats awsome news!
2016-08-01, 15:01
Usually this kind of news is great and such initiative should be praised.

However, one cannot see this as anything other than a failure before it has even begun.
Announcing this kind of tournament three days before it begins is simply too stupid.

I could easily give 10+ major reasons on why, but you probably already know (most of) them. The most notable however:

1) As a consequence of the late announcement, regardless of how the tourney actually plays out, the prestige in the whole thing won't be anything near what it could've been. Just sad really.

2) All participants have been preparing for 2on2 and nothing else. Even if there is time for a duel tourney also, the focus will be on the 2on2 announced way back. In fact, the duel tourney might influence the 2on2 tourney in negative ways.

3) No prize other than some trophy, wow...

4) From a spectator/observer perspective (i.e. not active qw player), there has been no visible hints at all that a qw duel tourney was gonna happen @ Qcon. If there would have, I think many, many more top players would have been interested in going. Not to talk about the hype that could've been created for such a tourney alone (actually, what about coverage?)
2016-08-01, 15:31
What an idiot.
2016-08-01, 15:32
Thanks for your useless feedback Soulkey. Congratulations, you are a dickhead.

Anyone who is anyone going to QuakeCon has known about this for a long time. It hasn't been a secret. It has been on the forums for months.

We didn't have permission from the QuakeCon organisers to announce DuelMania until this very moment (so as to not overshadow their 2on2 event). DuelMania is run by the community, not by QuakeCon. We petitioned to have the 2on2 changed to 1on1 but they weren't interested in running two 1on1 tournaments so we took matters in to our own hands.

I also don't see you ponying up anything towards a prize or doing anything towards the QW community, yet you are putting down a one-of-a-kind custom made stone trophy. Well done.
2016-08-01, 15:34
Great, really like it!

Some feedback:
I think atleast one or two qhlans had a more prestigous lineup since tgi because of no dag/griffin @ qcon.

I would propably rather have seen a 4man (or 8) invitational tourney, to ensure high quality games and not impact the 2on2 too much. For the hype, plz bring z4 or chaoticz to this.

Can we donator to the prizepool for this?
2016-08-01, 15:42
Willgurht - I disagree. QHLAN was EU only and people would be playing people on low pings that they could regularly play from home. This has competitors from 4 continents (the first time ever).
2016-08-01, 15:44
Agree to DisAGree
2016-08-01, 16:34
This is amazing :-)
2016-08-01, 16:35
This is amazing news and it again shows what has QW kept alive for such a long time: The gratuitous dedication to the game by some active and highly talented people.

The trophy looks very professional and incredibly cool. Well deserved bragging rights and this fine piece of decoration put on your mantelpiece should be all required for a tournament mainly participated by grown-up people who are not attending for the $$$.

I'm sure everyone is looking forward to participating and observing your self-organized tournament.
2016-08-01, 16:50

Hotness returns! <3
2016-08-01, 18:07
Great stuff guys! Feels good that you've broken the ice and start preparations. I expect nothing less than a red carpet disembarking our AeroplanE...

That trophy is mine. My own. My prrrrrecious.
2016-08-01, 19:28
Would be cool if you got that statuette engraved with winners name instead of the sticker ;D
Like under the letters in the center would be nice location ;p
2016-08-01, 20:18
I am counting on you guys to go over there and destroy the competition. I used to play but now I am a habitual spectator. It never ceases to amaze me how high the level of play has become. When I think you guys can't get any better you still get better, faster and more tactical.

If it wasn't for the small community here in Europe further developing the game and creating new tournaments, Quake would have disappeared from the map a decade ago. This community has just refused to let this game die.

The Americans may have created Quake but the Europeans perfected it. Now go over there and kick some ass. I will be watching.

Greetings from Germany
2016-08-01, 23:57
The awesomeness of this is absolutely indescribable.

Almost as indescribable as the magnitude of close rivalry between Soulkey's intelligence and that of a door knob.
2016-08-02, 04:57
So much for the trophy:
2016-08-02, 06:48
Is the comment to that picture for real Dirtbox?

Good job on organising this, you guys rock!
2016-08-02, 09:33
This is amazing! Please setup a donations page for duel prizes, I'd like to donate
2016-08-02, 15:17
2016-08-02, 15:27
I would like to congratulate your effort.

Great initiative Dev, Dopes and Dirt.
2016-08-02, 19:23
2016-08-03, 07:25
Soulkey: You sad negative sucker, anyway. Amazing, have fun dudes, my bets are on Dirtbox / Kattenbak
2016-08-04, 13:12
How come Milton is not playing in 1on1?
2016-08-15, 12:59
He needed a happy rikoll for the 2on2 cup
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