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Ake Vader  /  28 Jul 2016, 16:19
nQuake updated with ezQuake 3
Following the release of ezQuake 3.0.1, Mushi has now updated the nQuake package with the latest ezQuake version as well. The main changes compared to the previous nQuake version lies in the client and thus it's probably best to read the ezQuake change logs if one is curious to know the differences. It can be mentioned that this is the version of the nQuake package that will be used to set up the QuakeCon tournament PC's.

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ezQuake 3.0 / 3.0.1 change logs
2016-07-28, 22:55
The changes in nQuake are mainly adapting the exiting game configurations to ezQ 3.0.1.

If anyone detects something that is inconsistent with 3.0.1 please let me know.

Linux build is good.
MacOsx port is adapted, thanks to Tuna.

Happy gibbing!
2016-07-30, 12:46
anisotropic filter x16 and vsync turned on by default.. hmm (:
2016-07-31, 12:49
Changes at that level weren't made. Some cvars were changed, others removed.. Anyway, i've checked what you told and indeed /gl_anisotropic is 16 but vid_vsync is 0. vid_vsync is changed on the aliases "on_enter_spec" and similar, so thats what you might experienced.
I will not make any changes as anisotropic has been 16 on nquake for years and nothings wrong with vsync.
Unless ppl want to change that.
2016-08-01, 16:26
Quick question: by default mouse4 and mouse5 are bound to a rocket-jump script in the nQuake installation, which stays allowed in /ruleset qcon - is this intended?
2016-08-02, 12:36
Just to clarify - yes, the script in nquake is allowed.

"Scripts exist to facilitate this move. The most blatant such script, the forward rocket jump script (such as kfjump), is banned from most tournament play. If you are to use a script, the best one is a combination of exclusively +attack and +jump directives (one each), and no movement directives. This script is effectively indistinguishable from manual and a script (except a manual can potentially have a variable number of frames between the two commands), and is thus allowed, or at least looked over, in tournament play."

The script in nquake just does just this, and so is allowed.
2016-08-02, 16:13
Yeah I realize that. What I was worried about is that QCON might not like it. They are pretty serious with their no scripts rules.
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