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True Damage Quakecon pre-seeding tournament starts today! (26.06)
The three casted pre-seeding tournament starts tonight at 10:00 CST. (17:00 CEST, 15:00 UTC, 18:00 MSK) for those participating.
If you are going to QuakeCon this is your chance to influence the seeds, so be sure to signup straight away!
For those not going, this is a nice chance for you to play in a casted tournament =)

To start you off; included is a checklist of the main things you need to know when playing in the True Damage

Good luck everyone playing!

Update after cup:
VOD on Tastyspleen TV
Demos (thanks Meag)
Because of the lack of 2on2 tournaments in QW's recent history , it will be hard for the organizers to seed the tournament properly as they say they would like to seed by real game stats.

My speculation: If you that are going to QuakeCon does not show up for these events; I would imagine whining about bad seeds once you get to the US, will be met with little sympathy if you are not showing up for these events.

Short easy checklist if you are playing:

1. The required client with "QCON" ruleset that you need to play with is apart of Nquake release of EZquake
(The exact file could still change before you start, I'm sure you'll get a message on discord or somewhere for those that are on it):
All you need to do is grab this file: - and lob it into X:/Nquake Folder and start QW with this file while also enabling the QCON ruleset.

F_version check must respond with ezquake 3.0.1-dev R4855~bbfc34b

Remember you have to be REGISTERED and "checked-in" on the challonge site here between 10:00 and 11:00 CST. (17:00 CEST, 15:00 UTC, 18:00 MSK)

3. Your entire team must ALSO be on this discord: in the same window of time as you check-in. And I assume while you play.

4. All the players have to ping-up to equal pings for everyone.
Meaning even the US - players have to ping up to EU when you play in US, and vise versa.

5. Games are assumed to be played on NA servers, but you can play on another if both teams agree.

6. The map pool is standard, but the tournament is using Bo3 dropping rules that we might not be to familiar with but is very easy and intuitive:
- There will first be a cointoss that will be held on the discord channel.
- The cointoss winners removes first map from the map pool. The loser then removes one.
- After this the cointoss winners selects the first map to be played, while the loser selects the second one.
- The unselected, and not removed, map will be the tie map.

There will be a loser bracket and the final will be a best of five.

If you would like to dive into the rules you can read more here: But I think I covered the basic points you need to know when you are playing in the checklist.

The games will be casted, if anyone know who is casting the events, and where it will be casted, give one of the writers a beep so they can update this post!

For now all I know is the cast and games will start around 12:00 CST. (19:00 CEST, 17:00 UTC, 20:00 MSK)

Hope you all sign up!
Good luck everyone!
2016-06-26, 04:35
Finding it strange only 6 teams registered, yet.
Either they hope to get a good seed by absense and acknowledgement (leading to fucked up bracket at qcon, risking good matchups early), or... do they refuse playing with 110+ ms. The latter would be understandable, but impairing to qcon imo.
2016-06-26, 07:52
2016-06-26, 08:41
Wrong month, should be 06. Fixed now.
2016-06-26, 11:42
Note that the Challonge bracket now says check-in 7-8pm CEST and start 8pm CEST.
2016-06-26, 12:11
Jehar is the caster.
2016-06-27, 06:36
Demos available here:
2016-06-28, 05:30
Can I assume correctly that anyone who cannot compete in this tournament due to pings being too high will be negatively affected in the LAN tournament?
2016-07-03, 22:06
A bit of a moot point now, but the way I interpreted rules #4 and #5 was that although you could be forced to play on an NA server, you should never have to play with worse ping than your opponents. So for example I'd expect Aussies to mostly be playing on West coast servers which I would expect to ping roughly in the same ballpark as most continental European / Brazillian players, assuming they have a decent connection. NA players would then have to ping up.

Of course whether having to play games with pings approaching 200ms is disruptive to preparation is another story, but physical limitations make it difficult to come up with a better empirical solution.
2016-07-04, 22:21
Did Rikoll self won this 2on2 tournament? :-D
1st, 2nd and 3rd places was so predictable. [-:
2016-07-11, 08:35
Demos from the 2nd event available here:
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