Ake Vader  /  22 Jun 2016, 07:54
Happy birthday Quake!
Today it is 20 years since the wizards at id Software released their Quake creation to the masses. It was groundbreaking at the time with its technology advancements, moddability and solid multiplayer experience which blew people's minds away.

Let's hope for many more years of Quake to come!
2016-06-22, 11:25
Let's play Quake from our death beds,
And let our children inhibit our legacy!
2016-06-22, 15:03
20th anniversary celebrated on twitter

reddit, facebook

share your thoughts using the hashtags #quake and #quakeday
2016-06-22, 21:31
http://challonge.com/TrueDamage - please share with your friends, as we need more signups - top 8 teams get prizes at quakecon and we only have 4 teams signed up. The first event is this sunday: June 26th.
2016-06-25, 01:27
twitter @machinegames

Happy 20th to Quake @idsoftware! As a gift to the fans, we created a new episode of the game https://cdn.bethsoft.com/quake/dopa.rar
2016-08-02, 15:38
Happy 20th anniversary. This is only the beginning.
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