Ake Vader  /  19 May 2016, 14:06
True Damage International Quakecon pre-seeding tournament revealed
An online pre-seeding tournament under the name True Damage International has been revealed. It's an online 2on2 tournament abiding under the same fundamental rules as the official QuakeCon 2on2 LAN tournament later in August. Teams can sign up and play to gain points in order to get a better seed for the official QuakeCon tournament. The matches take place on American server unless players otherwise agree.

There are three separate events planned on which teams can accumulate points and they are taking place on the following Sundays: June 26th, July 10th and July 24th

Bracket for June 26th
Original statement with more information on ESReality
2016-05-19, 20:49
Signed up! And so it begins...
2016-05-27, 05:06
Great... 200ms seeding games. Pass.
2016-05-28, 11:14
My motivation is also low, but itīs for QW at the end of the day.
2016-06-01, 08:51
haha doesnt matter dbox
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