Hooraytio  /  30 Mar 2016, 10:41
EQL has reached the end of the road
EQL20 was a success from an activity point of view and I thought we could build on that as we had no summer in between these seasons. However division 1 has been a disaster and the general interest in EQL seems low. Therefore EQL21 will be the last season ever.
I know there is still some interest in 4on4, especially in mixes and to some extent in division 2. However, I feel like EQL has had its best seasons and there is no need to beat a dead horse any further.

If there is still interest in 4on4 in the fall of 2016 i suggest a new league and a new format. I feel that EQL no longer can drive or rejuvinate the 4on4 part of the scene.

This season division 1 has been a disaster. I dont really see any clans in division 1 looking for games and I have tried myself to get games for Chosen but there has been 0 replies.

It would be some kind of miracle if division 1 played enough games before the season ends to have some kind of meaningful playoffs so I consider division 1 ended for now.

Division 2 is a little better and I hope that the active clans are interested in the playoffs that are still to come.

Contact me on irc or forums if you have questions or input on the matter at hand.

2016-03-30, 12:51
This is sad news, however big thanks to Hooraytio for all the work you put in in the past!
2016-03-30, 13:38
Thanks for the great effort over the years with EQL, Hooray. I think it was worth a shot, but the interest in div1 seems to be, as you say, to be close to nonexistent.

I would personally still like to play most of the games with SD in div1, but it seems like you have to hit some magical spot in in time and space where you have 3 teammates online as well as a team willing to play EQL to make that happen. And to make that happen several times, the odds are... Slim. It still haven't happened yet for us, a month or two into the season.

Hopefully the 4on4 part of QW will live on through other concepts.
2016-03-30, 13:40
Yes, it has been so dead silent the 4-5 times we had 4 guys online for CSN...
2016-03-30, 14:31
Thank you so much for all the wonderful work you have done for QuakeWorld the past years Hooraytio with EQL!

It's hard to put into words how much it has meant for us to have EQL going. But it's been tremendously amounts of fun that you, dimman, zalon, 1tsinen, Ake_vader, Insane, Sassa, Term, Goqsane and everyone I am forgetting that has been involved in EQL, has supplied.

Thanks for the last stretch effort Hooraytio! Your predictions should be added to wiki !

It's hard to imagine QuakeWorld without some form of 4on4 tournament - but without people showing up it's understandably frustrating to keep taking time off to organize.
2016-03-30, 15:27
Thanks, just to be clear: I will see this season thru as it seems like div2 is interested in playing
2016-03-30, 20:59
This is very sad, but no wonder, considering what happened to Div1 this season. This has, perhaps, been long coming as the last two draft tourneys weren't finished, too, with the last one getting barely any games played at all. Perhaps missing people will need some time away from the game to feel interested to play it again later, I don't know. Perhaps active div1 people will create new teams. I certainly hope this is not the end of top level 4on4 QW.

Thank you, Hooraytio, for all the effort you've put into EQL over the years.
2016-03-31, 00:31
Thanks all the effort, H. There seems to be enough interest for 4on4, as in general mix and playing for fun, like the 10-on-10 recently. I have wondered if the top teams feel like they have to be at their best or something (ie. practice) before they can play EQL. In div 2 I feel that whenever someone have 4 players from the same team available, as that's rare enough, you try to get a game out of the way. Easy to say, of course, when you're D99 with no rep to uphold and not much to lose, so to speak.

Hope the top 4on4 scene comes back after QuakeCon, which I assume will take up some time for a few people the coming months. Maybe new teams and new tourney would be good. Fresh start, no rep to protect, no expectations to live up to. I dunno. Time will show.

On a side note: From what I hear, there'll be more div 2 action on Sunday.
2016-03-31, 10:55
So sad to hear, I remeber when EqL5 was the first tourney I joined.
Thanks for the admins to put so much time into this. Really appreciate that!
But lets see, maybe there is a coming back someday.
2016-04-04, 08:57
"A baby's born to the world, as the old man lays down his head"
Perhaps other initiatives will blossom in the void after EQL.
It's tragic not more teams would build more team spirit and consistancy. Few are the true teams. I find it peculiar that many rather prioritize the casual mix style of team games rather than building a legacy and writing history.

Great admining Hooraytio, and many thanks for your efforts.
2016-04-04, 11:01
If ppl are less interested in clans perhaps a really good draft could be of interest instead.
I mean real good like salvation 1-3. With set game days etc.
2016-04-05, 20:05
Big thanks for all the hours of hard work you´ve put in for the joy of others, Hooraytio!
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