mushi  /  24 Feb 2016, 17:14
QuakeCon 2016 will host a $25'000 QuakeWorld Tournament!
To celebrate Quake's 20th anniversary, the legendary QuakeCon tournament in his 2016 edition will organize a Open 2on2 QuakeWorld tournament, next August, at the usual place, Hilton @ Dallas, Texas.

Although this was somewhat expected, these are GREAT news to Quake and QuakeWorld.

Read more for links and information.
This was announced in the official QuakeCon website and right here at forums, supposably by one QuakeCon representative. In addition, whoever wrote the rules knows modern QuakeWorld, the server and the clients.

I bet there will many interested in attending QuakeCon 2016. The event will be from 4-7 August. Get your tickets and team up guys!

Rules for the 2on2 tournament
More information about QuakeCon tournament and more
2016-02-24, 17:18
Hopefully there will be a QTV with 1000 maxclients for streaming purposes And maybe some casters?

To any QuakeCon representatives reading this, if you need any help with servers, clients, streams, casters... we got you covered.
2016-02-24, 18:24
2016-02-24, 18:49
\o/ gogo QW!
2016-02-24, 19:17
Epic stuff.
2016-02-24, 20:41
Epic is not enough
2016-02-24, 21:13
1on1 would be even more epic! I think we all know Who Will Win it
2016-02-25, 07:25
Cool but obviously 4on4 or 1on1 would be way hotter, damn even ffa would be cooler than 2on2. Still pretty neat indeed.
2016-02-25, 13:57
Time to start praccing the rust off!
2016-02-27, 11:26
Fuck yeah, what would be the best team on the moment in 2on2 on low ping (LAN)?
2016-03-10, 22:44
ONLY 2on2?

Instead of making hot 1/1 and 4/4 they make sth like this...
2016-03-11, 19:22
There are reasons. More in this thread:
2016-03-25, 16:33
Omg need to get nQuake in order
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