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Do you use ezTV? No? You should!
Many players in the scene might be completely unaware of the fact that a replacement to the old nasty Qizmo wiki cams is being worked on. It's called ezTV and the lead developer is Qqshka wiki. With this article we can hopefully shed some light on what ezTV is, what benefits it would bring, what its current state is and how you can help out.
ezTV - the Quakeworld equivalent to Quake 3 Arena's and Quake 4's GTV

If you have played any of the recent games in the Quake series - Quake 3 Arena or Quake 4 - then you might be familiar with the word GTV, which is short for Game TV. GTV fulfills the same purpose as the Qizmo cams in Quakeworld, only that several hundreds of spectators can connect at once and view any player they wish. This ezTV software is the Quakeworld equivalent to GTV. In Quakeworld the principle is basically to stream the MVD wiki data to the spectators, which makes for a smooth experience.

This piece of software is currently developed by Qqshka with good help from Renzo in the bug hunting department. The foundation for ezTV is made out of another "TV" program you might have heard of - QTV wiki - and that one is made by Spike. QTV, however, doesn't seem to be updated as frequently anymore.

Why use ezTV then when we already have Qizmo?

There are a few benefits we gain from migrating to ezTV spectating instead of the regular horrible Qizmo cams. In the end we will all have a solid spectator experience compared to what we have now. Consider the list below and i think all of you will agree with me.

* It can take heaps more spectators than Qizmo cams currently can.

* Less bandwidth required.

* Smoother experience as it's streamed MVD data from the server. You can download 1,5Gb of DDE3 and spectate at the same time - it will still be smooth when you watch the EQL finals.

* You can spectate all players as it's streamed MVD data.

* Again, it's MVD data, which means all MVD features will work. Consider the weapon status of the teams, radar and all the other kind of features you have when you watch an MVD demo.

* If a server runs ezTV then there will always be a spectator spot open for you. The situation when there is a big game coming up, all spectator spots filled and no cams available won't come up again.

* It's easy to connect. There are status pages on the web that shows the action that is going on at all servers that have ezTV installed. If you have ezQuake 1.8 then you can just click the link and you will automatically fire up ezQuake and start spectating without having to bother with any menus whatsoever.

As you can see, there are quite a few benefits by using ezTV. In the future some more of the Qizmo features would be implemented (like the use of re-routing for example) which would render Qizmo quite useless. Those might be some scary words for someone who likes Qizmo, as it has been with us for quite a while now, but when you consider that it hasn't been updated for about 8-9 years you realize that we need to substitute it and get some fresh players on the pitch. There aren't even any sources for Qizmo, so even if we wanted to, we wouldn't be able to modify it and add features. Anyway, with all the new features listed above, it would be like a dream come true for the hardcore spectators out there and we could all fit onto the same ezTV as one, big, happy family!

We need to test this thing - the developers need feedback and bug reports!

While you might have been a bit hyped up now, i must say that this thing isn't quite ready yet. You might have seen announcements every now and then about games being broadcasted on ezTV. Maybe you even have enjoyed a game through it, but there is still some work to do on it, especially until it gets really user friendly. For now the intention is to get the software to a stable version and then add interesting features afterwards. A critical feature that ezTV is currently lacking is a chat function. This may sound simplistic, but it's because of the different technique used compared to when spectating through Qizmo. Spectator chat is of course coming in future versions though and it's probably the most significant feature you will miss at the moment. The software just needs to get more reliable before implementing such features.

The problem is, however, that it is hard for a two man team to discover all bugs by themselves and that is why we all need to get together on this path to the holy grail of Quakeworld broadcasting. Therefore i suggest that you all check it out and use it as frequently as possible when you're spectating games.

For now the only servers that are possible to spectate games on through ezTV are Jollen, Suomicom and The nifty things are the previously mentioned status websites though which makes it easy to check if there are any interesting games going on at the moment. Just click the link to the server and the next second ezQuake has been fired up, joined the stream and you're spectating someone in action! You can go right ahead now and check the action on Jollen, Suomicom and if you want to.

If you feel like helping out with this then there is an easy way to report the bugs. Just go to the ezTV thread in the server talk forum and add the necessary information for the developers to squash the bug. In order for it to qualify as a bug, the failing event should be possible to reproduce. Before you report it you should pinpoint the exact steps you took for the bug to appear and include them in your bug report. This doesn't mean it has to be rocket science, but you should not just report "It doesn't work" but rather a chain of steps. This could be certain keys pressed in a particular order and what not. The base for all bug testing should be a stable release of ezQuake 1.8 and if you would happen to lay your hands on some later version of the ezQuake client, then the build name of the client should be included in your bug report.

You don't have to be a hardcore tester to help out with this, just try it out and if anything fishy happens, then go to the thread and report it. All information is useful information and the more people that are using it, the more information about anomalies we can get. If we all help out in fixing the bugs in ezTV we can look forward to a spectator experience that is yet to be seen in any game to this day.
2007-06-28, 22:39
What is mawe's password? i prefer commenting with his account let's hope eztv dosen't die like it did some ktk ago
2007-06-29, 00:02
nice article. i look forward to speccing some eztv games!
2007-06-29, 07:43
i spectated the first KTK tourney on VDM3 (r0x0ring map) through QuakeTV (it wasn't forked as EZTV back then) and i remember i couldn't believe how smooth it was..

you can even put the MVD stream in slow-mo or pause it.. and to catch up with the live action you'd fast-forward.. this way you can synchronize live commentary as well
2007-06-29, 07:48
The nice thing is that all of the features i listed above actually works as we speak and even that is quite amazing to me. ezTV is like on top of my wishlist for QW atm.

Would be awesome if it could be used when the big tournaments starts etc.
2007-06-29, 09:56
nicely trashed down qizmo every time you mentioned it. this is the neutral journalism i think they use in russia. so how does this work with software, when i click the downloaded file it automatically chooses gl-quake
2007-06-29, 11:00
Actually I would trashed it down more if I was writing that article. Qizmo has outlived it's usefulness, observing through Qizmo cams suck pretty much, Qizmo has tendency to segfault often when getting messages and in the end it will fill up your message queue in the server it's being run and refuses to restart again (ipcs helps, if you don't know this then restart the server).

EZTV will have proxy but it will lack data compression, sound system, fps settings and other irrelevant things that are never used in Qizmo anyway.
2007-06-29, 11:35
mipa: Qizmo sure has been useful for us as, but for like the five past years it's only been useful because there hasn't been a replacement. It was a brilliant piece of software back in -98 and it still is in a way, but if we can get the most critical features (re-routing) along with new and improved core features (spectating) in a software that actually has a source that is possible to maintain and update, then i think it's 1000 times better.
2007-06-29, 12:17
mipa wrote:
so how does this work with software, when i click the downloaded file it automatically chooses gl-quake

You use ezQuake 1.8 and then open the links and open the links/files with ezQuake.1.8 and miracle will occur!
2007-06-29, 12:54
open the links? do you mean the demo player or how do i open files using ezquake? and i wasnt talking about whether or not qizmo has rendered itself useless over the years or not but rather about the actual post being not neutral but trashing the shit down. you can actually praise the goodness of eztv without making insults at qizmo (no i am not offended im just entertaining myself with some discussion)
2007-06-29, 13:38
1. Make sure you have ezQuake 1.8
2. Go to
3. Click "Watch now" on any server (preferably one with players on)
4. It now asks you what you want to do with the link. Choose to open it with ezQuake 1.8 (i think that was default for me).
5. Enjoy the game \o/

2007-06-29, 14:37
but i cant get (dont know how to) my cmdline and it looks all funny
2007-06-29, 14:41
My only dislike with MVD is the low default fps (30?). Difference is most noticeable on players with high sensitivy setting.

I still use Qizmo data compression and packet repeat if the connection is bad. A nice feature that is "never used" because it's "difficult" to set up.
2007-06-29, 18:19
Not that difficult to set up I guess, I used it back in the days because of my connection that started to lag when big packets were sent/received.

The packet repeat was never useful to me even if I had some PL few years back and quite many people have said the same thing. Some client setting related stuff perhaps?


but i cant get (dont know how to) my cmdline and it looks all funny

Usage is:

"x:\quake\ezquake-gl.exe -option -option -option +set something" watch.qtv

Notice the location of " ".
2007-07-02, 09:28
who needs cmdline anyway?
2007-07-02, 11:15
mipa: there is a guide in the "Upgrading" manual page of ezQuake how to get rid of command-line options without losing the settings they give
2007-07-02, 11:19
I also don't like the tone of the article, "Qizmo is bad only because it's old" and "EZTV is good because we will be one big family", I know the intentions of the author were good and it's his kind of humour (we talked about it on IRC with the author of the article, it was fun), but this is what I disliked about this site years ago and I hope this style of writing that some users are very touchy about will not continue. I'm criticizing this because in my opinion should aim to be very professional looking site.
2007-07-02, 12:02
JohnNy_cz wrote:
mipa: there is a guide in the "Upgrading" manual page of ezQuake how to get rid of command-line options without losing the settings they give

url to that manual section plz
2007-07-03, 05:48
2007-07-04, 06:32
what about spam?!?!+1+1+1+1
2007-07-04, 21:02
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