Andeh  /  27 Dec 2015, 22:54
Thunderdome Grand Finals, LocKtar vs Rikoll
Thunderdome has reached its finals once again, and this time, as so many times before, LocKtar and Rikoll have battled through their brackets and reached the grand finals.

LocKtar vs Rikoll

Wednesday 30th of December, 21:00 CET, 20:00 UTC.

It is now unsure whether there will be commentary or not, but we hope so! Otherwise you can follow the game at

[The event has passed, here are spoiler-free VODs:
2015-12-29, 09:15
2015-12-29, 16:09
Nice job Leo! I'll try my best to be able to stream this, if you could add "possibly SuddendeathTV" or something, it's still unsure but I will do my best
2015-12-29, 18:05
2015-12-29, 21:03
Twitch-stream/youtube = viewable from far away from gaming pc - would be perfect for me!
2015-12-31, 01:01
VODs are up! Linked in the newspost
2015-12-31, 17:02
Watched the VOD, and I've got to say this was probably one of the most enjoyable duel matches I've seen for some time (I try to watch most of the finals). Locktar is always good entertainment but you never know in a final what could happen especially against a 'systematic' opponent like Rikoll. Highlights for me included dm4 axe wars, mid-air boomstick kill on aerowalk and the dm6 climax (I was screaming for one of the players to be a little more cautious!).

Good job on commentary also - I know sometimes it isn't easy on your own without someone to bounce conversation off or fill in gaps. Never heard someone get so excited about nail packs though...
2015-12-31, 19:28
I recorded it aswell (without commentary)
2015-12-31, 22:41
Was a blast To play, cant wait To The next tournament, maybe i got some new tricks up my sleve???!? happy new quakeworld year everyone!! 😍
2016-01-02, 18:47
LocKtar, prac bravadob5 map. :-D
2016-01-06, 17:07
Don't underestimate the nails, HangTime!
2016-01-11, 22:17
no demos?
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