Hooraytio  /  21 Dec 2015, 13:18
EQL 21 is coming
EQL 20 is more or less over and we can look back on a very active season even though we had a small number of clans compared to the hay days of QW.
Given the success of EQL 20 I am more than willing to run another season during the spring of 2016. I think the current concept is good but I will consider splitting the scene in 2 or more divisions if the number of clans is big enough.

Other than that I am thinking about adding 2-3 maps next season since 61% thought that the map pool should be larger in a recent poll. 15% of respondants also said that one of the CMT maps is their most favored map. I am mainly thinking about adding 2 or 3 of the following maps: CMT1B, CMT3 and CMT4.

The format with A, B and C playoffs will be kept intact in one way or another depending on what the divisions will look like.

Your thoughts on the matter?

2015-12-21, 15:58
Very nice to hear that.
2015-12-21, 16:19
2015-12-22, 11:41
I'm in for once! Long time since last time but I think it's time for a come back
2015-12-22, 12:16
You know what we talked about!
2015-12-22, 12:55
New maps will be cool. It might give clans like D99 a chance to try and really perfect the teamplay on one of the new maps, to increase the chance of winning a map now and then, as we'll loose TB3 around 99 of 100 times.

I vote cmt4 and ztndm6, as they are maps people know (from xs4all ffa).
2015-12-22, 14:01
Actually, what I'd really like, is each team getting one non-TB3 map choice. That way, the decider in BO3 will still be a TB3 map, and a BO5 will still mainly be TB3 maps.

How about the map pool from back in the NECL days: TB3 + E2M1, E3M1 and E4M3. Plus E3M7 and E3M2, and CMT4 and maybe a few more modern ones.

As a 90s old-timer I miss the 4on4s on E3M7, E3M2 and E4M3.
2015-12-22, 18:33
You're softening in your old age with this kenya talk, Hooray!

Seriously, though. We all really appreciate what you've been doing for qw. Thanks for all the hot qw action you've been responsible for.
2015-12-22, 18:47
On another note, I would invite everyone to remember what a shaft clusterfuck cmt4 is in modern qw with 63 cells on the map while everyone has antilagged 13ms lg and 6 people pour into quad from 4 different entrances every 60 seconds.
2015-12-23, 06:44
And is there anything better than that Stev ? Too bad not all six can get hold of shaft though :/. The fights we had at quad in the all stars game were amazing!

To Erlend: EXMY maps do NOT work in 4on4. There are a couple that work to some degree but why bother when we have a plethora of better custom maps? I think we tried every single EXMY map in 4on4 with SSC and actually tried to think of ways to make them work, but they just don't. And ztndm6, because it's a map people know from xs4all ffa? No, just no.
2015-12-23, 10:03
Aw, man. So now I have to learn to play new maps? Sigh.

Even if they don't work very well, and we'll be running around like lost chickens playing FFA more than 4on4, I still think it'd be refreshing to play something other than TB3, just for a change. Doesn't have to be EXMY, just something other than TB3.
2015-12-23, 14:02
If we're going to learn new maps, how about learning some which are currently played by loads of players in [whatever the current popular arena fps game is]?

Obvs the weapon balance is going to be different, but it could help to make QW a bit more familiar for anyone considering converting?

I dunno whether we should be really affecting our enjoyment in order to try to recruit players from other games, tho
2015-12-24, 02:25
As someone who is purely a spec when it comes to the EQL, I would love to see more matches played on non-TB3 maps. I do get what Milton was saying about ExMx maps in TDM, they do generally tend to be either 1) dull or 2) rape fests.
However, some of the ExMxTDM remixes arnt too bad. There are some real gems among the CMT maps. Myself personally, as I often bang on about, love UKCLDM2. Also, there are the the maps from Mick's Quake 3 conversion project.... some of those I would reckon would make for a few good matches.

PS: Have to agree with Milton again. As much as I love ztndm6 for FFA. For team play, no. Just don't see it.
2015-12-25, 10:10
omg its still alive! hou hou hou merry xmas. pouring rain and windy as a fuck!
2015-12-26, 00:22
2015-12-28, 00:40
felia 020 will be split into 020 and 0200.
we have 4 confirmed members in 020, (raket, shaka, greco muff1n), i don't know who will be leader of 0200.
2016-01-05, 22:06
Still debating about maps when swedes have the last say? Waste of time, because it dont matter what maps are good or not, what matters is who decides, You cant blame ppl for being incompetent or stupid

Milton saying eXmY maps dont work for teamplay and yet e1m2 is a TB3. Some of the eXmYtdm maps took care of sucky eXmY for teamplay, like e3m7tdm for example.

Trying to say stupid lockdown maps dont work etc is pretty much a joke since dm2 is also a TB3, But dm2 evolved and players adjusted with skill and tactics.

Schlos, Cmt5b and Cmt2 are imo incredible for 4v4...but who cares rite?

I got bored coz of TB3, so i left, no one cries about that

But what the hell, gonna play some qw again, i guess some povdmm4 and TB3 so i get bored real quick and quit again
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