Andeh  /  22 Nov 2015, 11:24
Famous player LocKtar gets into streaming
It appears LocKtar has started streaming on Twitch quite regularly. LocKtar is well known in the QuakeWorld scene, having played since the beginning and getting good results in most tournaments.

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2015-11-22, 13:52
I saw the ake's stream featuring Locktar, I had a good laugh, very funny and entertaining.
2015-11-22, 16:00
yeah, was lol, intense game + expressive personnality make really good chemistry.
Nice stream locktar
It would be great if we could see who is streaming qw on this homepage
2015-11-22, 21:18
Low FOV is nauseating though.
2015-11-23, 10:36
Better than CMORE Gold and all the channels in the world; combined. <3
2015-11-23, 11:45
@nph that feature is included in my qtv chrome extension

2015-11-26, 09:08
I'm getting some weird e-mails from this twitch guy, saying
"Hey rikoll, locktar just went live!
LocKtar bidding
locktar is playing Quake"

I don't understand. How much did LocKtar bid? And for what? It is obviously a live bidding, so much is clear. But what has bidding and Quake to do with one and another???

Please, explain in depth, LocKtar.
2015-11-26, 11:59
Maybe BPS can answear that?
2015-11-26, 13:33
Perhaps LocKtar TREATING would be better words for it
2015-11-27, 09:18
2015-11-29, 13:57
nice locke!!!!! subscribed and follwing
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