pleuraXeraphim  /  18 Oct 2015, 22:10
Rock2ober 2015!!!!!
Once again, the worlds greatest TF'ers gather at the same time, at the same place, to play the BIGGEST Q1 TF game of the year, and attempt to fill the server with 32 TF maniacs! We call this annual event: "Rock2ober"!!! To help crack 32/32, I call upon our cousins at Quakeworld.nu, the last remaining bastion of dedicated quakeworld players, of hardened veterans, who I KNOW will appreciate the insanity, the intensity, and the challenge of such an event. Click below for more details:
What: Rock2ober 2015!

When: Saturday 24th October, 23:00 GMT/UTC. Convert this to your timezone Rock2ober time convertor. The event goes for 2+ hours, so get plenty of sleep, you'll need it.

Where: tastyspleen.net:26666

How: Follow these connection instructions!

Who: Quakeworld players who want to play in a MASSIVE 32 player game, be in a movie, and become part of TF history.

Why: Because you want to experience a 32 player game, possibly for the last time!! Watch the Rock2ober 2014 Movie, and if you still need to ask, please seek urgent psychiatric treatment.

Note: While FTE is the 'official' Client, you can still play with EZQuake/Fuhquake, if you download the special pk3/pak file, and put it in quake/fortress.

See you there!

P.S Be on time for the pre-match show, and special event!
DISCLAIMER: Old timers, consult your doctor to make sure it is safe for you to participate. Rock2ober, AttackersGoRed.com, AGRMania.com, Quakeworld.nu, Tastyspleen.net, and associates will not be liable for any injuries, heart failures, strokes, seizures, or other medical consequences, as well as smashed monitors, or other ragequit related damages.
2015-10-18, 22:40
loved the disclaimer!!!
2015-10-19, 05:49
I should inform my old tf friend Etanol about this.
2015-10-19, 07:00
Latest ezQuake master on git does support "broken" FTE servers (that sent modellist without client asking for it IIRC) and manages to download all files properly. However it doesn't yet support pk3 downloads so it will take a bit more time if you download in-game compared to downloading from the website.
2015-10-24, 13:51
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