Ake Vader  /  5 Oct 2015, 20:02
D99ís 2on2 team deathmatch league open for signups
The time has finally come for a proper tag team party in the realm of QuakeWorld as Verro has opened the signups for the D99 2on2 team deathmatch league which starts in about three weeks from now.
With the signups opening yesterday (Sunday) all you players out there have until the 25th of October to find and hook up with your favourite partner (or partners - three players are allowed on a team) for some 2on2 action, then the signup closes. The league will feature a skill based division/group structure to promote fair and fun games.

What may be interesting is that the map pool is the standard five maps along with one fairly new map and a completely fresh one made by Foogs;
  • DM2
  • DM4
  • DM6
  • Aerowalk
  • ZTNDM3
  • Bravadob5
  • Shifter_b6

The league is hosted on the Refragged tournament site and if you're not familiar with this, then the registration procedure and signup goes something like this;
  • Register as a user on the site, this will be your own account and can in the future be used for other tournaments hosted on the site
  • Login
  • Register a team (you have a link for this when you are logged in)
  • Set a password for your team, this shall then be handed out to the teammate(s) you are going to play with. They will be able to see a "Join team" button on the team profile page. When clicking it, they are asked to supply the password. If it's correct they get added to the team's main squad.
  • Sign up your team for the tournament itself, this is done on the tournament section clicking the "Sign up" link
  • After having signed up you also need to define your tournament squad, this is done on the tournament page clicking the "Manage squad" link. Here you get to choose what players from your main squad that shall be participating in this tournament. Naturally it should be everyone. This is also where you request new player additions later in the tournament (if it's allowed) and admins have to approve the players etc.

Head on over to the tournament page and sign up!
2015-10-05, 22:26
yoyo I'm looking for somebody to win div0 beware all div0 teams !
catch me at
2015-10-06, 10:32
PF: awaiting admin approval

2015-10-06, 13:15
i'm looking for mate!!
2015-10-19, 11:49
Hey could we update the shifter_b6 to shifter_b10.
In my opinion we should play a version that the author is happy with. Not an old one
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