Hooraytio  /  1 Sep 2015, 21:09
Allstars 4on4 show match
This month of September QuakeWorld fans are in for a treat! As the build-up to the much expected four-on-four league European Quake League 20 is drawing near; some of the best players in QuakeWorld have agreed to get together and will be playing an All Stars show match this September!
Former adversaries, that each of their own have been carrying teams to victories in the past, have been combined and will be playing together. Teammates, that have lifted tournament championship victories together, have been separated. Both in the hopes that we now have two fairly balanced teams that will give an entertaining series of games.

This is a match much more for the viewers than for the players themselves. It is not often we get a chance to view some of the best of what QuakeWorld has to offer. However, as we can imagine, getting into the top echelon of QuakeWorld teamplay takes an inherently high degree of competitive nature. So there is some status at stake for the players and we should be expecting the stars bringing their A-game to the match. Many, both the players and spectators, are all ready eagerly awaiting the match, and I hope you will as well be tuning in and showing your support for both the players and the community when it goes down.
As such this will be broadcasted by SuddenDeath TV along with co-casters.

The format of the games and the precise date is not finalized yet. But more precise details will be coming in the weeks ahead.
For now; you can at the very least expect a high level of play on The Big Three maps, DM2, DM3 and E1M2 in mid to late September, both on SuddenDeath TV and on the QTV servers.
There might still be changes to the lineup as we get closer to the match as we have to find a free date for all the players. Here are the players and their respective teammates so far:

Team one: Carapace, Rikoll, Razor, Paradoks, Meshuggah and Wimpeeh.
Team two: Milton, BPS, KingPin, Diki, MM and Maga.

Help us spread the word online, tell your friends to tune in! This will be a match to remember!

2015-09-01, 21:25
Who do YOU think will win? What maps are we gonna see Milton + BPS get creamed on?! =) Huuuuuuyyyypee!
2015-09-02, 01:11
team carapace ftw!
2015-09-02, 07:21

2015-09-02, 08:17
and here too:
2015-09-02, 10:02
thanks Leo

wooah this is going to be great!

what I would love to see is a 5on5 or 6on6 on death32c
for those who don't know, death32c is a huge map with dm2, dm6 and dm4 combined.
2015-09-03, 12:21
Looking Forward
2015-09-03, 17:36
MVD Demos! don't forget, please, pretty please!
2015-09-07, 18:53

any IRC channel for this or so? should get one
2015-09-07, 22:07
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