Andeh  /  20 Aug 2015, 12:06
Thunderdome Grand Finals LocKtar vs BuLaT
Thunderdome has reached its final stage as we're down to only two remaining players - LocKtar and BuLaT.

LocKtar, coming from the upper bracket, has had an unusually easy road to the finals, his toughest opponent being Dirtbox. BuLaT on the other hand, after losing in his first round (!) to BLooD_DoG, had to fight his way through the entire lower bracket.

The game is scheduled to Thursday 08/20 at 18:00 CEST (tonight!). It will be streamed and casted on SuddendeathTV, make sure not to miss it!

2015-08-20, 13:14
I'll be there, front row, corns popped!
2015-08-20, 13:23

2015-08-20, 19:01
nice match, with 3 intense games :F, gratz Locktar and thanks Andeh !
2015-08-20, 21:43
I recorded these finals... but... my quake got laggy right when I start a recording, tried different settings but not much improved. quake isnt regular and the recording quality neither.

game 1 (had twitch stream open but that was about 10-15 secs behind)

game 2
2015-08-21, 13:25
Good game
2015-08-22, 01:04
TheBeats, you can download demos from server

Congratulation to winners!
2015-08-22, 17:44
VODs can be found here:

2015-08-24, 07:47
good games!
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